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Boy, 2, suffers horrific burns as power cable explodes and wraps around his neck

A two-year-old boy was horrifically burnt in a freak accident which saw an electricity power cable explode and wrap around his neck.

Little Tristan Hersane was walking with his family on their way to go shopping when a loud bang came from an electric post in Manila, Philippines last Thursday.

The red-hot cable fell to the ground amidst a ball of sparks and swung into Tristan’s neck, coiling around his head as it unravelled.

The toddler screamed in agony and was rushed by his panicked family to hospital where doctors found he had suffered second degree burns in the accident on Rizal Avenue in the Santa Cruz district of the capital.

Tristan’s mother, Mhanie said: "It happened so fast, my son was shaking after the explosion, then we saw the electric cord coiled around his neck which burnt him."

According to Mhanie, the wire that exploded was an illegal electricity connection called a "jumper."

She added: "I was screaming for help, but the guy who owns the jumper did not even help us and instead kept saying that there was no electricity in the cord."

The man who owns the "jumper" was successfully identified.

He was with other men fixing their "jumpers" when the explosion happened.

Mhanie said they will continue suing the men who were responsible for the explosion that day.

A police report has also been filed.

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