Boy run over by harvester in front of parents escapes with bruises

Moment boy is run over by a combine harvester in front of shocked parents but escapes with just cuts and bruises

  • Young boy in Bozhou, China was trying to cross Xiyi Avenue to go to his mother
  • The boy was hit by a large harvester but was knocked between the machine’s wheels
  • His parents ran over immediately and dragged the boy out of the road
  • Despite being hit, the boy was remarkably survived with only cuts and bruises

This is the moment a small boy was hit by a combine harvester in front of his horrified parents – but miraculously survived with only cuts and bruises.

The boy from Bozhou, Anhui province, China, was helping his dad dry grain on the side of Xiyi Avenue on October 4.

The kid ran into the road to see his mother after another harvester had passed and it seemed safe.

Footage captured the moment the boy was struck by the harvester on Xiyi Avenue in Bozhou, China but miraculously surivived the ordeal

After being hit by a bar between the spikes of the harvester, the boy was fortunately knocked under the machine but between its huge wheels

His father noticed the collision after the harvester had passed but thankfully the boy was only knocked onto his knees and escaped with just cuts and bruises 

A large truck parked on the kerb blocked his view of the massive harvester barrelling down the road.

The child was floored by the huge vehicle but luckily his head missed the spikes on the front of the agricultural equipment. 

He was instead knocked over onto the road between the vehicles heavy wheels, avoiding being crushed.

After the boy was hit, his parents rushed into the road and dragged him out of it and back to safety 

 The family hugged as they returned to the side of the road at which point the lucky boy burst into tears, realising how different his fate might have been

The boy then astoundingly stood back up as if nothing had happened before his parents rushed over and pulled him out of the road.

The clip was captured on CCTV and was then broadcast on local media in China.

All three then shared a loving hug with the boy started to cry when he saw his parents’ shock.

The boy had ran across the road to see his mother but a large parked truck obscured his view of the oncoming harvester

Adults on the other side could only look on in horror as it seems the boy was going to be hit and killed by the agricultural equipment

The harvester is a feature of the largely rural city of Bozhou which has a population of three million.

Despite urbanising very quickly, vast swathes of China are still agricultural powerhouses to complement big cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Anhui is a landlocked province in eastern China and is the eighth-largest region in the country. 

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