Brit woman, 60, who lost £100k life savings to murdered Sri Lankan toyboy husband, 26, feels 'like a mug'

Diane Peebles, 60, wed hotel worker Priyanjana De Zoysa, 26, after meeting him on holiday seven years ago but says she has been left with "nothing".

The pensioner, from Edinburgh, was horrified to discover her husband was also married to an 18-year-old girl after splurging her savings on a house in Sri Lanka.

Priyanjana was shot dead last year by thugs Diane believes were trying to extort him for cash after they became jealous of the money she gave him.

Diane, who only returned to the UK last month, told This Morning: "All my friends and family told me not to go over.

"But I thought he loved me, and I loved him. You do silly things when you're in love."

Diane met Priyanjana in 2011 and the couple got hitched a year later but she didn't move over full-time until 2015 when she sold her home in Scotland.

She then gave her husband £100,000 for a house in Sri Lanka and to buy himself a car so he could work as a taxi driver.

But Diane's world was shattered when she discovered Priyanjana had married an 18-year-old, who she previously met when she popped over for a cup of tea.

Calling herself a "mug", Diane said: "I've got nothing. I've got a very small pension from my old work, that's what I'm living on.

"I've still got the house, even though it's not in my name. I'll need to go back to see if they'll let me sell that."

After her husband was killed in May last year, Diane was then left stranded for more than a year in Sri Lanka before finally returning to Britain last month.

She claims his family kept her prisoner in her own home because it was "too dangerous" to go out and demanded more cash from her.

Diane was only able to fly to Scotland when a friend stumped up the cash for a ticket.

She has now warned other women about the dangers of getting into a similar situation, adding: "Don't get involved with the locals, because they're all very poor.

"A lot of them are looking to marry European women, because they think we're all very rich. I wasn't very rich – but in their eyes, I was rich."


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