Brooke Baldwin cries in her final CNN show as she’s shown tribute vid and takes sly dig at network

BROOKE Baldwin cried in her final show as she was shown a tribute video celebrating her 13 years at CNN.

The anchor was seen swallowing her tears as she began her goodbye speech on Friday afternoon – but she couldn't resist a sly dig at the network.

Baldwin started her show by discussing the mass shooting that took place on Thursday night at a FedEx building in Indianapolis.

Just 10 minutes before the end of her show, the broadcasting network played a video showing her best moments over the past decade.

Bidding farewell to her "CNN family," the anchor said "thank you for making me better, thank you for pushing me, thank you for believing in me and my big back flip off the high dive today."

Despite confessing that she does not know what her next career move, she admitted "I'm ok with that because what I know is that I'm a journalist and a storyteller for life."

As she signed off for the final time, the screen faded to black.

Her final day comes just two months after she announced her departure in a touching on-air statement.

"Before we get going, I want to start with some personal news," Baldwin, 41, said. "I will be leaving CNN in April."

She went on to detail her journey through the local news industry, saying her dream was always to become a "full-time CNN correspondent."

Baldwin thanked her viewers for their support when she was battling Covid last year, saying she is "so grateful for your loyalty and passion."

The anchor returned to work in April of last year after battling coronavirus for nearly three weeks.

While explaining her decision to leave the news outlet, Baldwin went on to also give thanks to her show team, telling them "you know who you are."

Baldwin went on to announce that she has been spending the last two years writing a book, that was released on April 6.

She said she will be focusing on "amplifying the lives of extraordinary Americans and putting my passion for storytelling to good use."

Alongside releasing her book, she added that there is "more I need to do outside of the walls of this place."

She also confirmed that she does not have a job that she is "jumping straight into," admitting that she feels "very vulnerable."

Baldwin concluded that she is "so excited about what is to come" before taking a large breath and appearing to compose herself.

Ahead of her final show, on Thursday, Baldwin posted a photograph to Instagram of the dress she planned to wear on her final show.

"One last dress hanging in my office," Baldwin posted. "For one last show."

"See you Friday," she ended with a triple heart emoji. Accompanying the caption were the hashtags CNN, 13 years and "what a run."

Baldwin’s reported salary at the news outlet was $4million.

She is one of the top-earning journalists at CNN, whose highest paid star is anchor Anderson Cooper, who makes a reported $12million.

Just one week before leaving the outlet, Baldwin slammed the network over the lack of female leadership.

The outgoing anchor told the Ms Magazine podcast that she had to "fight for women's stories" with the network's male-dominated executive staff.

Baldwin claimed that there is a "bit of a ways to go” in making the work environment more equal.

"The most influential anchors on our network, the highest-paid, are men," Baldwin said.

"My bosses, my executives, are men. The person who oversees CNN Dayside is a man, and my executive producer for 10 years is a man.

"So I’ve been surrounded by a lot of men."

Baldwin said that it began in the early part of her career and as she was rising through the ranks, she was "surrounded by a lot of dudes." 

The Peabody Award finalist added that CNN is getting better "little by little" in giving power to women in digital and executive newsgathering positions.

Yet Balwin claimed that it has still not gone far enough.

"It’s getting better but we still have a bit of a ways to go," she said. "I want more women in the room."

"I know I, personally, fight for women’s stories," Baldwin continued. "I got told no a lot and I still managed to do it." 

She also noted that she keeps a poster from her CNN series “American Women” hanging in her office as a reminder.

Baldwin was previously based in CNN’s Atlanta office but relocated to New York City in 2014.

She has since covered monumental events such as President Obama's second inauguration in January 2013, the Orlando nightclub shooting, and President Trump’s inauguration in January of 2017.

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