Builders rip up garden at WRONG house after street has two homes with the same number

TWO builders were left horrified after ripping up the garden of the wrong house, in a street where two homes have the same number.

Apprentice Dreigan Fisher arrived at number 37 of an address in Cranbourne West in Melbourne on Monday morning.

While waiting for his boss Tyler Brooks, he started working on the garden by removing tiles- only to discover that there was another house with the same number, three doors down.

Upon realising his mistake, the hard-working employee shared the hilarious blunder on TikTok, describing it as "embarrassing."

"What a way to start the day," he says.

"I get a text saying the address is 37, I wait for the client to come in with the excavator, waited for Tyler, pulled up the pavers, only to find up there's a 37 all the way down there too.

"I've just gone to a complete strangers house, got them to open up the shed, pulled up their pavers, waited for my boss, just to find out it's the wrong house. F**k."

However, Mr Brooks, the owner of Tylers Landscaping blamed the "stupid set-up" of the street for the mistake.

The house Mr Fisher had started working on was under a different street name but adjacent to the same road while the correct house was three doors down.

As both houses had planned renovations for that day, the hilarious mistake was inevitable.

"It’s a really stupid set-up because it’s all part of the one block of units but the end unit belongs to a different street but has the same number 37," Mr Brooks told

"Dreigan is a loyal worker who doesn’t answer back, just does what he’s told. As you saw, he did what I asked. It was just unfortunate that there was another 37, 3 houses away," he added.

"Can’t blame him he did everything right.

Mr Brooks explained the hilarious incident in a second TikTok video:

"Get a load of this," he says, showing the home where Mr Fisher had started working.

"I’m running late so he comes in and starts moving things and ripping up pavers, but what he didn’t know was that’s actually the wrong house.

"And he started ripping up someone else's pavers, ready for a job that is not going to happen in the house."

Mr Brooks walks down the road showing how close the correct house was and explaining that it was an easy mistake to make, before explaining how they would fix the pavers.

"So now we have to put back the pavers and apologise to whoever it is, " he said.

Both clips that were shared by Mr Fisher have more than 700.000 views, with most users expressing their support in the comments.

When asked what was the owners reaction, Mr Fisher said they were understanding.

"They always seem to get parcels that belong to the actual 37," he said.

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