CA teacher with 'queer library' slammed over explicit content in books

California teacher who has ‘queer library’ in classroom is slammed by parents after giving sexually explicit content to teens including books on BDSM, kink and orgies

  • A California teacher who has told their thousands of TikTok followers about their ‘queer classroom library’ is facing major backlash over contents of the book
  • Flint, who uses they/them pronouns, said that their collection has been helpful for students who are ‘figuring out who they are’ 
  • Several of the books discuss graphic sexual situations, including BDSM, kinks, dildos, and orgies 
  • In a statement, the district said they have ‘initiated a review’ of the items in the library after previously stating the books were only available for an extracurricular activity 

A California high school teacher who told their thousands of followers on TikTok about their ‘queer classroom library’ is being slammed by parents over the sexually explicit content in many of the books. 

The teacher, who goes by Flint and uses they/them pronouns, recently posted a video in which they opened a box of new Pride flags while discussing their queer-centric library, which they say has helped students who are ‘figuring out who they are.’

‘People get really mad about my queer library. I have like 200 titles that are specific to the LGBT community that I’ve been curating for over eight years,’ the teacher says in the 90 second video. 

‘Don’t get me wrong, my students love that library. It has been very helpful for many students figuring out who they are, how to relate to their peers,’ they continued. 

‘There shouldn’t be porn allowed in classrooms,’ said David Averell, a parent in the district who spoke with Fox News Digital. ‘What was in the classroom pretty much made me sick.’  

The teacher, who goes by Flint, is seen wearing a ‘read Pride’ shirt in a video posted to TikTok

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The teacher said in a video they have amassed a collection of more than 200 queer novels and books over eight or so years

This video, along with hundreds of others posted to Flint’s page, has sparked outrage from parents and family members of students in the district. 

The library is set up in the classroom of the English and film teacher and books are free and available to all, despite previous claims made by officials in the Capistrano Unified School District. 

District officials in the past stated the books were only allowed to be borrowed by students in a specific extracurricular activity. 

One of the books in the transgender teacher’s library is called ‘Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being Trans’ and contains references to BDSM, including a mention of FetLife, a networking website for the ‘kink community.’

‘I find the BDSM/kink community to be extremely open-minded and welcoming in every way; it’s a place of sexual liberation,’ the book says. 

‘There is often more blanket level of acceptance of transgender people within the kink/BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) scenes and sites such as FetLife.’

‘There shouldn’t be porn allowed in classrooms,’ said one parent of the graphic LGBTQ+ books

One of the books in the transgender teacher’s library is called ‘Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being Trans’ and contains references to BDSM, including a mention of FetLife, a networking website for the ‘kink community.’ 

One book in the queer library discusses Grindr, anal, ‘girl on girl’ sex, dildos, and strap-ons 

A book titled ‘This Book is Gay’ is also in the classroom, which could see students as young as 14 years old. The book talks about the gay-dating app Grindr, anal, ‘girl on girl’ sex, and dildos and strap-ons. 

‘We all want to have sex with loads of people,’ the book states. 

It even goes into detail describing how many men, ‘gay or straight’ enjoy the feeling of the prostate gland ‘when massaged.’ 

‘Let’s talk about dildos: I think a lot of people assume that where there is no penis, a desperate sexual void is created, out of which something [bleep] shaped must ultimately slot in order to satisfy,’ the book states.

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‘I’ve only every slept with two women who enjoyed using dildos. I hate wearing a strap-on. I’ve only every done it once and NEVER AGAIN!’ 

The book also discussed sex parties, orgies, and ‘bath houses’ or saunas.  

‘Saunas, or “bath houses,” are dotted all over the country, and they are perfectly legal. People (many saunas run lesbian nights) pay some money to enter and then have a bit of a sauna and some random sex. Again, this is fine as long as you’re safe.’

Another book in their library discusses ‘tucking’ a process used to hide one’s penis. It also addresses ‘whorephobia,’ which is classified as a stigma against prostitutions. 

Flint has said they ”believe very much in what’ they are doing with giving students access to LGBTQ+ books, despite pushback over the sexually explicit content in some of them 

In one video, the teacher addressed parents’ concerns they are ‘recruiting kids to be trans’ by joking the only time they ‘go rogue’ is to discuss plot holes in films

The district said in a statement sent out to parents and families they are looking into the books in Flint’s classroom and investigating their ‘appropriateness.’

‘We are aware of a news article questioning the appropriateness of books that were in a student club library,’ the district said in the note, obtained by Fox News Digital. 

‘The books referenced were available through a high school extra-curricular club and are not instructional materials. 

‘However, we have initiated a review of these books, which are currently not available to students,’ the letter said. 

The district also said they do not ‘endorse the personal statements of any individuals speaking in their capacity as private citizens.’ 

Officials from the Capistrano Unified School District said they are looking into the ‘appropriateness’ of the books after receiving backlash from families 

This isn’t the first time the teacher has faced backlash over their library. 

In September, Flint addressed their 150,000 TikTok followers in a video titled ‘Where have I been lately?’ 

‘A national far-right publication dropped an article “exposing” queer books in my classroom library,’ they wrote, describing why they hadn’t posted in nearly three weeks. 

The teacher then shared screenshots of messages from people who found their email and sent pointed messages. 

‘It is sad that you think your job is to indoctrinate young students’ one person wrote in the email. ‘I will pray for you.’ 

‘You’re a groomer and now will be working at McDonalds,’ another said. ‘Stop sexually harassing our kids you sick piece of ****.’

Flint used the video to raise awareness on book bans in the United States. 

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On another occasion, the teacher addressed the ‘waves of criticism they received over the explicit books in their classroom.  

‘So as a trans teacher with a pretty public platform, there will often be waves of criticism that I know better than to internalize,’ they said.  

‘Every once in a while there will be that little voice that says something like, “What if they are right? What if all my efforts on this Earth are all for naught.” In those moments, it is helpful to step back, take myself way out of it,’ Flint said.

The film teacher has also stated they ‘believe very much in what’ they are doing.

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