Caroline Crouch's father demands 'highest sentence possible' for Babis

Caroline Crouch’s father demands her killer Greek pilot husband gets the ‘highest sentence possible’ as he stands trial accused of murdering her and their dog before staging cover up

  • Furious father has demanded ‘highest sentence possible’ for daughter’s killer
  • David said: ‘His only regret is that the police didn’t fall for his absurd story’ 
  • Caroline was suffocated by husband Babis Anagnostopoulos, 34, as she slept 
  • Anagnostopoulos went on trial in Athens accused of Caroline’s murder and Roxy 
  • Neither parent has attended the trial for fear it might be ‘too harrowing’ 

The father of a British woman ‘murdered’ by her husband in Greece has demanded the ‘highest possible sentence’ as he spoke for the first time following the opening of the helicopter pilot’s trial.

Mum-of-one Caroline Crouch, 19, was suffocated by her husband  Babis Anagnostopoulos, 34, as she slept in their Athens home last year, as their then 11-month-old baby daughter Lydia lay nearby.

He initially told police she had been killed by burglars in an elaborate charade which also saw him killing their pet dog Roxy to cover his tracks, but he was eventually caught and is currently on trial.

Speaking exclusively to Mail Online, Caroline’s heartbroken father David said: ‘I want the highest possible sentence for him. His only regret is that the police didn’t fall for his absurd story.’

Charalambos (Babis) Anagnostopoulos (3rd L) escorted by armed police officers, being led to court in Athens

A family photo of Babis Anagnostopoulos, who stands accused of murdering wife, Caroline Crouch, 20, with their baby daughter Lydia between them

Earlier this week Anagnostopoulos went on trial in Athens accused of Caroline’s murder and Roxy – the first time in Greek legal history a person has been formally accused of killing a dog.

Former engineer David, who is originally from Liverpool, retired to the island of Alonissos more than 20 years ago where he lives with Caroline’s mother Susan Dela Cuesta.

Neither has attended the harrowing trial which started earlier this week – David for health issues and Susan as she was warned it would be too harrowing.

During the hearing, police told how Babis had called out to his lifeless wife as she lay on the floor ‘Honey, are you ok?’ as officers arrived at the scene.

Speaking of Caroline, Anagnostopoulos added: ‘My love hasn’t changed and never will change. I never intended to harm her.’

David said: ‘Nothing that he might say during the trial will surprise me and my feelings are unchanged.

‘The telling part of the trial will be the testimony of the forensic experts and the electronics experts. It will be their evidence that will send him to prison.’

Detectives cracked the case after examining devices Caroline and Anagnostopoulos were wearing, and which showed movements which didn’t tally with what he had told police.

Anagnostopoulos does not deny the killings but insists they were not pre-meditated, describing them as ‘crimes of passion’

The couple began dating when Caroline was still a teenager. They married in Portugal in 2019 

David, who said he was following the trial ‘avidly’ added:’ I have no intention of going to Athens. My presence was only required by the prosecution to attest to Caroline’s sweet nature and what else would I say?

‘Besides there will be testimony from her therapist, her next-door neighbour and some of her friends who’s opinions will carry much more weight than anything I can say.

‘I am following the trial avidly, as are the rest of the people on the island (Alonissos), all of whom knew and loved Caroline.’

He added: ’I understand that Babis parents will appear for the defence to swear that their son is the finest human being that ever walked the earth.

‘They still believe in his complete innocence and that Caroline was killed by a gang.’

Caroline’s therapist Eleni Mylonopoulou has told the hearing how Anagnostopoulos was a ‘controlling narcissist’ and that Caroline had confided in her she wanted to leave him.

A key part of Anagnostopoulos’s defence is that Caroline ‘triggered’ him into a ‘fit of rage’ after she violently pushed a crib in which their then 11-month-old daughter Lydia was sleeping

Anagnostopoulos does not deny killing Caroline and the dog but insists they were not premeditated and were ‘crimes of passion’ prompted by her behaviour.

Earlier this month David had told Mail Online: ‘I understand Babis will use as his defence that he was provoked by Caroline, and he was acting in self-defence.

‘He will also cite her martial arts skills. This is not likely to fly as she had been asleep for several hours when he killed her.

‘I just wish I could get my hands on the little weasel.’

The trial continues next month.

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