Child murderer David McGreavy who impaled kids' bodies on railings 'will kill AGAIN', warns ex-neighbour

David McGreavy, 67, beat to death Samantha Urry, nine months, strangled her brother Paul, four, and cut the throat of sister Dawn, two, when babysitting for the family in 1973.

He then mutilated their bodies and impaled them on a spike but incredibly was cleared for release this year after it was deemed he was no longer "a risk to the public".

Michael Jones, 75, lived opposite Elsie Urry and her family in Worcester, and told The Sun he feared McGreavy would kill again.

He said: "He looked like butter wouldn’t melt before it all happened, he had babysat quite a lot but you just need to look into his eyes to know he is evil.

"He should never be free, never. He would only do it again."

The pensioner – who met David McGreavy on several occasions before the murders took place – blasted the Parole Board’s decision to approve his release.

Mr Jones continued: “Reading about it all again made me sick, it brought back all of these feelings and it hurts me, it really hurts."

“I knew the murderer, he was a lodger from time to time and was in our local pub where Elsie worked.

“His eyes are deceitful, cowardly eyes, you can see that in him. I have not spoken to Elsie in years, but we don’t want him to be released any more than her.

"He should never ever get out after what he did to those babies."

He added: “Elsie was a brilliant mother, hardworking and one of the best. The whole community were disgusted and distraught by the whole thing. Now it’s come in the paper again it makes my stomach turn over.

“To see the front page it’s something I can’t describe, it’s all come back like I am reading local evening news at the time again, that’s how it’s hit me today."

He added: “I’m sorry for Elsie that it has been brought up again. For them to even consider releasing him is so wrong.”

Elsie previously told The Sun of her shock after she had been told that he would never be released, claiming that releasing him would be akin to releasing Moors Murdered Ian Brady.


  • APRIL 13, 1973: David McGreavy murders Paul Ralph, four, and his sisters Dawn, two, and nine-month-old Samantha while babysitting them in Worcester.
  • JUNE: McGreavy admits all three murders. No motive is given. Sentenced to life with a minimum of 20 years.
  • JUNE 1993: He is eligible for parole for the first time.
  • JANUARY 2006: The Sun reveals McGreavy is being allowed out on unescorted day release from Ford Open Prison, Hants.
  • APRIL 2007: Parole Board rejects McGreavy’s parole bid. Sources reveal: “Psychiatric experts said they could not be sure an attack wouldn’t happen again.”
  • 2009: McGreavy granted gagging order banning media from naming him.
  • 2013: His bid for move to open prison fails.
  • 2016: McGreavy’s latest attempt to win parole is rejected by the board. He is told he can apply again in two years.
  • NOVEMBER 6, 2018: Parole Board orders his release from Warren Hill.

She said: "What this animal did to my children was every bit as bad as what the Moors Murderers did. But Ian Brady and Myra Hindley never left prison before they died so why the hell should he?

“He put my babies on spikes for God’s sake — he mutilated them and they died in agony."

She said: “I wanted him dead and to ­suffer like they had but was reassured after his trial that his crime was so terrible he would never walk free again. But despite begging them to keep him locked up, I have now finally been betrayed.”

Last month the Parole Board ruled McGreavy had “changed considerably” during 45 years in jail and no longer posed a “significant risk to the public”.

A summary of its decision had to be disclosed to The Sun after we won a ruling over Parole Board secrecy in the John Worboys case.

The panel said it had found McGreavy had “developed self-control”, and took “full responsibility” for his crimes.

It also said he had a “considerable understanding of the problems he has had and what caused them”.

The panel was shown a a victim impact statement from Elsie.

McGreavy is now expected to be released to a bail hostel after Christmas. He is currently in category C Warren Hill prison, near Woodbridge, Suffolk.

The Sun Online has contacted the Parole Board for comment.


THE Sun’s legal victory in the John Worboys scandal means we can reveal exactly why David McGreavy has been cleared for release.

Our judicial review success in March came after a three-month court battle.

We wanted access to the Parole Board’s reasons for finding Worboys fit for freedom despite him still being housed in a top-security jail. But the board’s rules banned any information being made public.

The High Court backed our claim that the board’s secrecy breached basic principles of open justice.

The ruling gave the public a greater right to know why potentially dangerous convicts have been set free.

Worcester MP Robin Walker joined those calling on Justice Secretary David Gauke to fight the board’s decision.

He said: “Life should mean life in this case. That’s not just my view — the people of Worcester believe that too.

“He has been in prison for a very long time and been refused parole at least nine times before.

“It’s very difficult to understand what could have changed. This is an issue about public safety.”

Worcester councillor Richard Udall also added that the triple killer should “die in prison”.

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