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ANOTHER death related to coronavirus in Scotland has been revealed in the past 24-hours.

It comes as a further 344 positive cases of the deadly bug have been found – with the majority in the Greater Glasgow & Clyde area.

COPS broke up a number of "student parties" at Glasgow University amid a spike in coronavirus cases.

Officers were called to the Murano Street village at around 12.30am yesterday morning after receiving reports of ongoing" parties in the university accommodation.

It comes as almost 1,600 school workers are absent due to Covid-19 as infections rocket across the country.

As concerns mount about a second wave of the pandemic, we can reveal staff including teachers, jannies and dinner ladies are bearing the brunt of the latest outbreaks.

The new cases recorded overnight represented 9.1 per cent of all newly tested individuals.

Here's the latest from Scotland's battle against the pandemic.

  • A NUMBER of schools in the Outer Hebrides have been shut due to Covid fears amid a virus cluster, we can confirm.

    Western Isles NHS chiefs confirmed that all schools in North and South Uist would temporarily be shut to help curb the spread of the bug – with concerns cases could be linked to a school.

    It comes after four new Covid cases were recorded overnight – nearly a quarter of the overall total for the Western Isles since the virus first emerged.

    A total of seven people have tested positive for the infection in the past week – bringing the overall number of cases to 17 since the pandemic began.

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    NICOLA Sturgeon was urged to “get a grip” of the coronavirus crisis — as an expert revealed Nats chiefs were warned of the bug’s “entirely predictable” spread in universities.

    The First Minister was accused of “gambling” with young people’s health over her government’s handling of outbreaks in student digs and a lack of mass screening for undergraduates.

    It came as Professor Mark Woolhouse, of the Scottish Government’s Covid-19 advisory committee, said freshers in cramped halls were deemed high risk in plans prepared ahead of their return.

    But Education Secretary John Swinney repeated calls for students to stay in virus-ravaged digs rather than go back to their families.

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    ONE million people have died around the world as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the latest figures.

    The grim milestone comes amid a second wave of Covid-19 in Europe with the UK announcing a further 17 deaths today.

    In total, the killer respiratory disease has claimed the lives of 1,000,207, according to Worldometer which compiles data from sources including governments.

    The new coronavirus emerged late-last year in Wuhan China, and quickly spread around the globe killing 500,000 in its first six months.

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    THIS is the disturbing moment a woman was thrown to the ground by police during violent unrest at London's anti-lockdown protest yesterday.

    Shocking footage shows the middle-aged protester standing on a foldable chair during the We Do Not Consent rally in Trafalgar Square.

    However, amid ugly scenes in which nine officers were injured, police swarmed around the woman with one pulling the chair from under her feet.

    And while she managed to initially maintain her balance, the lady grappled with cops with one officer apparently shoving her to the ground.

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    UNIVERSITY bosses tonight insisted they did not “ban” students from socialising this weekend – despite threatening to kick out students who breachedtheir order.

    In a diktat on Thursday, the unis' umbrella body listed a series of things students must not do, and threatened “potential discontinuation of study” for rule-breakers.

    Among the demands, it said it would “require students to avoid all socialising outside of their households and outside of their accommodation” this weekend, and a “necessary step” was to “not to go to bars or other hospitality venues”.

    Universities Scotland also said it would “require all students to download the Protect Scotland app”.

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    THE Scottish Government tonight revealed legal loopholes for students who want to temporarily abandon Covid-hit universities.

    Ministers released new guidance after a backlash over young people being stranded in halls of residence.

    They underlined previous statements that students should not go home to families to visit indoors, or to self-isolate – unless they are moving permanently.

    But the new details then offered loopholes to the legal regulations – with students allowed to return temporarily for “wellbeing reasons”.

    It comes as over 1,000 students across Scotland are currently in quarantine after major outbreaks at a number of campuses.

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    OLDER people care more about spending Christmas with their families than protecting themselves from coronavirus, according to an expert on ageing.

    Pensioners would prioritise seeing their grandkids “over staying alive”, claims Baroness Greengross.

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    STUDENTS in Edinburgh have been 'forced to break social distancing' after a false fire alarm at a halls of residence.

    Video footage emerged online on Saturday of dozens of Edinburgh University students filtering back into Pollock House halls in the capital.

    A Twitter post revealed that a fire alarm had been raised, which Scottish Fire and Rescue Service confirmed took place in the early hours of Saturday morning.

    The clip appears to show a lack of social distancing as the residents went back to their rooms after the false alarm.

    The Twitter post claims that students were “encouraged to gather together” and that the university had failed to set out “safe protocols for fire drills”.

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  • A THIRD coronavirus wave in Scotland is “entirely possible”, an expert has warned.

    Mark Woolhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at Edinburgh University, said strict lockdown measures help curb the spread of Covid – but don’t make it go away.

    The expert said that shutdowns tend to defer the problem instead of solving it.

    When asked about a third wave on The Andrew Marr Show, he said: “That's entirely possible.

    “The scenario I mentioned earlier does actually include this possibility and this is just another demonstration of what I was saying earlier that lockdown doesn't solve the problem, it defers it.”

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  • ANOTHER 344 Scots coronavirus cases have been confirmed overnight with one more death registered.

    The latest Scottish Government update revealed 27,576 cases have been recorded in Scotland since the start of the pandemic.

    One more death was recorded in the past 24 hours keeping the death toll at 2,512.

    Figures confirmed 172 of the new cases were in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, with 58 in Lanarkshire.

    The Lothian health board recorded another 40 cases.

    The remaining cases were registered in the nine other health boards.

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  • GLASGOW has become the new hub of coronavirus in the UK, according to a report.

    The Glasgow Times say Glasgow now has the highest rate of Covid-19 in the country.

    Yesterday's statistics showed that 250 of the worrying 714 new cases were detected in the city. 

    And it is reported that this means the city has the highest rate of the deadly virus in the UK.

  • WEARY Brits have told of their crippling long-Covid symptoms months after getting sick with the virus.

    Thousands of patients have found returning to pre-coronavirus life difficult, plagued with fatigue, pain and breathlessness.

    One of those suffering is a 28-year-old nurse, who spent ten days in hospital and is still on sick leave with “no end in sight”.

    Sophie Evans told the Mirror: “Every day is a battle, I am constantly in pain. I thought I was going to die. I don’t know how I am not dead.

    “It breaks my heart to know there will be more sufferers during a second peak. It’s a horrible place to be.”

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  • ‘Pupil tests Covid positive’ at Aberdeen secondary school as kids self-isolate

    Contact tracing has identified close contacts with the school remaining open to unaffected students.

    The Evening Express report that headteacher David Barnett revealed an S3 student returned a positive test for coronavirus.

    A letter to parents confirming the Covid case read: “I write to advise you that we have been made aware of a positive case of Covid-19 in S3 at Cults Academy.

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    Coronavirus infections are not following a predicted pattern which would see a nightmare scenario.

    Last week, Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty painted a bleak picture with cases doubling every seven days – but new analysis has revealed new infections of coronavirus are not rising quite as quickly as the experts feared.

    The worrying possibility was presented using data from September 15, with 3,105 cases reported.

    And while in the following days the country has seen the highest rise in new infections in months with cases tipping over 6,000, we have not yet started to see the scale of a rise experts worried about.


    Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday a London lockdown is “under review”.

    He told host Sophy further lockdown measures were constantly under assessment.

    Mr Dowden reminded viewers of the “hands, face, space” rules and urged the public to stay safe.


    The Queen will honor the pandemic’s heroes with special gongs in her delayed birthday honours list next week.

    Hundreds of doctors, nurses, care workers, volunteers and fundraisers will be recognised for their crucial role in the Covid crisis.

    The honours list was due out in June but was postponed to allow nominations for people who made outstanding contributions in tackling the virus.

    But it will now be published on October 10 with a major focus on those who battled the virus, including many dedicated NHS staff.


    University students must be allowed to return home to their families at Christmas, Labour has said, amid fears that coronavirus outbreaks could keep young people in halls when term ends.

    Thousands of students are currently confined to their rooms following a surge in cases at institutions including Glasgow, Manchester Metropolitan and Edinburgh Napier.

    Health Secretary Matt Hancock last week declined to rule out asking students to stay on campus over Christmas, after Government scientific adviser Sir Mark Walport said the measure may be needed to stop the virus spreading to older relatives.

    Shadow education secretary Kate Green has written to her opposite number Gavin Williamson, urging him to “promise” students that such restrictions will not be imposed.

    She said it would be “deeply unfair to see students forced to remain in their student accommodation” and asked Mr Williamson to “work with universities to ensure every student has access to testing to allow a safe journey home” for Christmas.


    The Prime Minister ditched plans for a second national lockdown over fears the Chancellor would quit.

    Rishi Sunak had warned that the economic carnage it caused would make his job near impossible.

    After a crucial summit Mr Sunak sought a one-to-one meeting with the PM and make it clear he “wouldn’t wear it”.

    A senior MP said: “There were fears he would find it difficult to carry on if he was ignored.

    “It was all down to the Chancellor that we avoided delivering a hammer blow to the economy and took a more balanced approach instead. Rishi saved the day.”

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    NEARLY 1,600 school workers are absent due to Covid-19 as virus infections rocket across the country — with more than 700 people testing positive in one day.

    As concerns mount about a second wave of the pandemic, we can reveal staff including teachers, jannies and dinner ladies are bearing the brunt of the latest outbreaks.

    Scottish Government figures show Edinburgh is the worst affected area, with 358 staff ordered into isolation, while almost 200 teachers are down with symptoms across the country.

    Education chiefs confirmed 5,554 absences have been recorded since the start of the month.

    It comes as daily cases tripled in less than a week, with 714 people testing positive for the virus in 24 hours — a new single-day record.

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    COPS broke up a number of “student parties” at Glasgow University amid a spike in coronavirus cases.

    Officers were called to the Murano Street village at around 12.30am this morning after receiving reports of ongoing” parties in the university accommodation.

    Six-hundred students at the University of Glasgow are in self-isolation after more than 100 positive Covid cases.

    But, according to The Herald, cops attended the student accommodation before students dispersed.

    No enforcement action was required.

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    A PROTECTIVE dad who is refusing to send his daughter to school over coronavirus fears could face a prison sentence or £10,000 fine.

    When students across the country returned back to school in September, Michael Huston kept his daughter home to protect her against potential outbreaks of the virus.

    But on Monday he admitted that he “caved into the pressure” and sent her back to Samuel Barlow Primary Academy in Mansfield, only to go back to homeschooling her on Tuesday.

    He decided to bring her back home again after hearing claims there was “no social distancing” at the primary school.

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    SCOTLAND and Northern Ireland have recorded its highest daily increase of coronavirus infections today – as the UK records 6,042 new cases.

    The the total number of Covid-19 cases has now risen to 429,277.

    Cases across the UK are continuing to soar as Scotland recorded 714 new infections today – its highest day yet.

    Northern Ireland also recorded its highest daily total for new coronavirus cases after 319 new infections were reported.

    In Wales, the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases increased by 370 – a jump from the previous day's 320 new cases.

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    Police have clashed with anti-lockdown protesters at a demonstration in central London as officers tried to shut the event down.

    Thousands of people massed in Trafalgar Square on Saturday carrying a variety of signs, flags and placards to take part in a “we do not consent” rally, none appearing to wear face coverings or to social distance.

    But the Metropolitan Police said on Twitter that it was asking the crowds to disperse because they were not complying with social distancing rules.

    Officers penned the crowd in Trafalgar Square and water was thrown at them by demonstrators while crowds also chanted “pick your side” at the officers.

    Bottles were thrown and police used batons against protesters, leaving some with visible injuries.

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    Some parents brought their children to an anti-lockdown protest in central London.

    Demonstrators, who were not wearing a face mask or social distancing, were seen shouting: “we will win.”


    Bomb-sniffing “hero” rats could be trained to weed out cases of coronavirus, researchers have said.

    The innovative idea comes after an African giant pouched rat called Magawa was given a George Cross meddle for helping detect 39 landmines and 28 unexploded munitions this year with its super-sensitive smelling skills.

    Scienctists from Belgian-registered, Tanzania-based charity Apopo have said they could give the rodents – known as HeroRats – special training to sniff the chemical compounds present in coronavirus.

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