Couple baffled why their bathroom keeps flooding shocked to discover massive SNAKE blocking the drain

A COUPLE in Australia were left stunned after figuring out the terrifying reason why their bathroom kept flooding.

While looking down the bathroom pipe to work out what was causing the blockage in their house in Tarragindi, Brisbane, the alarmed couple spotted a pair of eyes staring back at them.

Snake catchers were called in to investigate and the couple were met with a nasty surprise.

Shocking video footage shows a two-metre snake slithering out of the drain in the middle of the bathroom floor.

"Our south side snake catcher Bryce was called to a property in Tarragindi this afternoon, after the residents had noticed the bathroom starting to flood during a shower," Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast said in a post on Facebook.

"Upon investigating the pipe to locate what was causing the blockage, they noticed an eye reflection staring back at them!

"This 2m Coastal Carpet Python was discovered to be the culprit causing the blockage!"

A man can be heard saying "there he goes!" in the 30-second clip of the snake's escape as it emerges from the narrow drain.

The snake catcher helps the creature out of the pipe to reveal his huge size and a woman can be heard saying: "I'm glad he's okay."

Nearly 1,000 people have commented on the video, with many saying it would be their "worst nightmare".

"True fear of mine… I always keep a heavy bath mat over my bathroom floor drain for this reason," one said.

Another wrote: "This would truly making me not move here! I would be a sheer panic!"

A third said: "Look at the size! Probably very frightened and looking to try and get away."

Others said the snake was a "beauty" and another commented: "Woop woop welcome in my joint any day."

It comes after a mind-boggling snap of a sneaky reptile left Facebook users doubting their eyesight.

The photo was shared by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers – a professional snake catching service in Queensland, Australia – as part of their weekly game "Spot the Snake Sunday."

While some eagle-eyed people seemed to spot the critter quickly, most were stumped. 

Some people even wondered if there was a snake in the image at all, questioning whether the team were playing a late April Fools' prank on them. 

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