Dad-of-two property tycoon fined £7,500 after keeping neighbours awake with Ibiza-style 'noisy' house parties

Dad-of-two Giles Mackay infuriated his neighbours with the noisy bashes at his £3.5million Kensington mansion.

The 56-year-old, who sold his company Hometrack to Zoopla for £120 million last year, has now been forced to shell out £7,420 after pleading guilty to breaching a noise abatement order.

Mackay offered to pay the fine on the spot at City of London Magistrates' Court and was slammed for having a "total disregard for his neighbours" for the party last October.

The court heard how "professional sound engineers" had been called to the event – with Mackay claiming video cops took at the home showed their voices clearly heard over the noise.

But district Judge Mike Snow interjected: "What we know is that sitting in their car with the windows up and engine running 30 metres away, officers could hear the music."

Mackay, who claims to take home at least £20,000 a month, has been accused of hosting all-night parties with on-off girlfriend, Khristina Sysoeva, 37.

He got with the Siberian socialite after his marriage to wife Caroline broke down, Mail Online reports.

Furious neighbours have now blasted the tycoon over his parties after Mackay was fined last week.

One woman, who did not wish to be named, said: "They blast house music, which I can only describe as drug music. It's unbearable.I have no idea how many he's had – countless."

Another said the music sounded like he had "just come back from Ibiza".

She said: "He has these parties all the time. It's throbbing music.

"It often starts at 3am or 4am and goes on for hours. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have speakers in the back garden and on the roof terrace.

"He's famous for his Halloween parties. The last one lasted all day and all night and didn't stop until noon the next day.

"Hundreds of people go to them, they set up marquees and have security guards."

Mackay has argued the original notice shouldn't have been served "in the first place" because it came from a complaint that wasn't true.

He said of the 2015 incident: "A recording was made of noise when I wasn't in the house at all.

"I was abroad in Naples at the time and the alarm was on."

He added: "If I interrupted the quiet enjoyment of my neighbours, I'm sorry for that."

Speaking after the court case, Kensington and Chelsea Council said they hope the fine will "send a clear message".

Councillor David Lindsay, lead member for healthy city living, said: "This is not the first time officers have been called to this address, it has been an ongoing issue for years.

"We tried to discuss the issue with Mr Mackay and invited him in several times.

"He ignored us and in the end we had no choice but to take him to court.

"It is gratifying that the court supported our view the he was behaving unreasonably and playing his music very loudly – his neighbours will no doubt be celebrating as well.

"We hope that the £7,500 Mr McKay has had to pay for his loud music sends a clear message to him and others, we all need to be considerate to our neighbours."

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