Dead neighbor found near body of murdered Faye Swetlik named as Coty Taylor

A man’s corpse found near the body of murdered six year-old Faye Swetlik has been named as Coty Scott Taylor

Police have refused to confirm or deny whether they believe Taylor, 30, killed Swetlik. They said they do not believe there is any further threat posed to to the Cayce, South Carolina neighborhood where both Faye and Taylor’s body were found. Investigators will continue to investigate whether a second person may have been involved in Faye’s murder.

They found Taylor’s body moments after discovering Faye dead in a home in the Churchill Heights neighborhood where she disappeared. The youngster’s corpse is believed to have been dumped there shortly before she was found.

Officers were seen sorting through trash cans on Thursday morning, which is when they found a ‘critical item of evidence’ that led to the discovery of Faye’s body, Cayce Department of Public Safety Sergeant Evan Antley said at Friday’s press conference.

Investigators reportedly spoke with Taylor during their investigation and searched his home, but did not find any sign of Faye. Police have not given a cause of death for either Taylor or Faye.

Police don’t believe Taylor was a family friend or relative to Faye’s family, and think the only link between them is the proximity between their homes.

According to WIS News, Faye’s body was found in a wooded area behind a Napa Auto Parts store near the neighborhood, which was taped off by police on Thursday.

Antley told the news conference that evidence suggests her body had recently been moved the the location.

‘What we can tell you is this…We believe that Faye had not been in that location for a very long time at all.’

The Cayce Department of Public Safety said Taylor’s body was found inside his home at 602 Piccadilly Court. He reportedly lived less than 200 feet from the home where Faye lived with her mother.

Faye disappeared Monday after she was last seen playing in her front yard. Her mother was reportedly in the home at the time.

Police released footage that shows Faye getting off her school bus just before she vanished.

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