Dog leaps from open car window in Australia tunnel, brings traffic to halt

A dog in Australia gave its owners a fright when it leaped from the open window of a car travelling through a tunnel in east Melbourne.

The terrifying moment happened Dec. 2 in the Mullum Mullum tunnel, which passes under Australia’s Mullum Mullum Valley.

Video shows the dog slide into a second lane of traffic after jumping from a vehicle, bringing the surrounding cars to a halt.


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One oncoming car actually swerves to avoid the animal before coming to a stop.

EastLink, the company that operates the Mullum Mullum tunnel, said in a statement to Global News that if drivers “had not been so patient and skilled, the incident could have been much worse.”

Douglas Spencer-Roy, a spokesperson for EastLink, said it’s the first time they’ve ever seen a dog jump from a vehicle in the tunnel. But he said small Kangaroos or wallabies native to the Mullum Mullum Valley will sometimes “take a peek at the tunnel portals.”

Traffic, the company said, was moving at about 80 kilometers an hour when the dog vaulted through the car’s window.

EastLink also warned drivers against keeping their windows open for their pets.

Traffic was reportedly held-up for several minutes as the owners rounded up the wayward animal and ushered it back into the vehicle.

Spencer-Roy declined to say whether police were investigating the incident.

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