Dog owner left in fits of giggles after finding her pooch’s face in a wood panel at B&Q – The Sun

A DOG owner was left in fits of giggles after she spotted the face of her pet in a wood panel while shopping at B&Q.

Laura Vest, 34, was browsing the DIY store’s aisles when she saw the distinctive pattern on a display floorboard.

On closer inspection, she realised it looked the same as her mongrel's face.

Alongside laughing emojis, photographer Laura, of Newcastle, tweeted: “When you’re in B&Q and find your dog’s face in the wooden flooring display.

“Laughing so much at this right now! Can I buy the display board please?”

The post clocked up more than 500 likes after radio presenter Roman Kemp retweeted it, saying: “I’ve been laughing for 10 mins straight.”


B&Q also replied: “That’s amazing, Laura!"

Twitter user Michelle Pinks commented: “That is the cutest bit of wood I’ve ever seen.”

Others compared it to a post that went viral four years ago when a man spotted the face of a chihuahua in his girlfriend’s naan bread.

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