Donald Trump 'Close' To Being Unindicted Co-Conspirator, Says James Comey

On Friday, New York federal prosecutors, along with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, submitted two filings against Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Cohen is being accused of making hush money payments on behalf and at the direction of his prominent client, now-President Donald Trump.

In the court filings, Trump is mentioned as “Individual 1.” These developments have prompted Democrats to ramp up their rhetoric against the president, the Hill reports, and they have even come up with a new moniker. In media interviews, a slew of Democratic lawmakers keeps referring to the president as “unindicted co-conspirator.” The term has previously been applied to Richard Nixon.

But it is not only Democrats that are mocking Trump and comparing him to Nixon. Former FBI Director James Comey appears to have joined the choir. Comey said on Sunday that Donald Trump is “close” to being an unindicted co-conspirator, the Washington Examiner reports.

According to Comey, given that Trump has not been named in an indictment, he cannot be considered an unindicted co-conspirator in a formal sense, but “he’s certainly close given the language in the filing that the crimes were committed at his direction.”

Echoing another Democratic talking point, Comey suggested that Trump would be in serious legal trouble if he weren’t president. This comment was likely in reference to the fact that Robert Mueller plans on following the Justice Department’s guidelines, according to the Washington Post, which state that a sitting president cannot be indicted, only impeached.

But if Donald Trump was not the president of the United States, according to James Comey, he would likely be charged.

“That person would be in serious jeopardy of being charged because the government wouldn’t make that sponsoring allegation if they weren’t seriously contemplating going forward with criminal charges,” the former FBI director said.

Comey’s remarks come only days after he gave a six-hour interview to House lawmakers. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, interview transcripts reveal that lawmakers asked Comey a slew of questions pertaining to Donald Trump’s accusations of conflict of interest. The president has claimed on numerous occasions that Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller are “best friends,” alleging to have seen “hundreds” of photographs of Comey and Mueller “hugging and kissing.”

The accusations were dismissed by the former FBI director, who was also asked about Robert Mueller’s gang of “12 angry Democrats,” since Trump has repeatedly cited bias claiming that Mueller’s prosecutors are conflicted Democrats. These accusations were dismissed by Comey as well.

“I’m sure they’re like all normal humans; sometimes they’re happy, sometimes they’re sad, sometimes they’re angry,” he said.

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