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Donald Trump Rants About Democrats And ‘Boarder’ Control, Sparks Mocking Firestorm On Twitter

One of Donald Trump’s latest controversial tweet has reportedly gone viral for all the wrong reasons. It’s no secret the president has never been one to mince words via social media. In fact, he’s actually garnered a reputation for offering his opinion regardless of how his words are perceived. However, this time, it appears things may have backfired.

According to Hollywood Life, Trump recently took to Twitter to rant about Democrats’ criticism of his controversial border wall citing the importance of it. However, Twitter users were more focused on one glaring mistake he made with the fiery tweet. It has been reported that Donald Trump actually misspelled the word “border.”

The now-deleted tweet reportedly said, “Anytime you hear a Democrat saying that you can have good Boarder Security without a Wall, write them off as just another politician following the party line.” Trump continued, “Time for us to save billions of dollars a year and have, at the same time, far greater safety and control!”

As expected, Donald Trump’s glaring error wasn’t missed by Twitter users and they wasted no time calling him out. While typos are fairly common errors on social media, unfortunately, Twitter users refused to let Trump slide. After Donald Trump was presumably made aware of the text error, the tweet was deleted but, of course, screenshots remain.

Now, screenshots of his deleted tweet are circulating on social media under the trending hashtag #BoarderSecurity. Almost immediately after he posted the tweet, social media users began chiming in with critical comments mocking Trump for the epic blunder. Many social media users quipped about how “thankful they were that skaters, surfers, and snowboarders were finally getting the protection they needed,” according to the publication.

Donald Trump’s latest Twitter rant follows his recent controversial rant about his approval rating. While statistics show Donald Trump’s approval rating is at an all-time low of 43 percent, he actually argues that the rating would be “at least 75 percent” if it weren’t for the investigation surrounding Robert Mueller.

Despite the statistics, Trump recently took to social media with a photo of himself with a caption suggesting his approval rating is approximately 50 percent. He’s also made several attempts to distance himself from the Mueller investigation but to no avail. Reports have also suggested that the walls may be closing in on Donald Trump and his administration due to mounting pressure surrounding the investigation. To make matters worse, it has also been reported that Melania Trump is concerned about her husband’s health due to stress regarding the investigation. While impeachment rumors have been circulating, it is unclear whether or not the rumors are true.

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