Donald Trump says he will ‘soon’ get antibody test – but still thinks coronavirus testing is ‘overrated’ – The Sun

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has not had an antibody test after his personal valet tested positive for COVID-19 – but says he will “soon”.

“No, I haven’t, but we’re getting that,” the president said Friday on Fox & Friends, adding, "Who knows, some people had it and they didn't even know they had it."

Antibody tests reveal if COVID-19 antibodies are present in a person’s immune system, which means they have had coronavirus and since recovered.

A negative result means a person has not had the virus, and is therefore susceptible.

The president said he has, however, been tested for the active virus several times.

“I’ve been tested a number of times,” he said. “I get tested a lot that’s for sure.”

Trump’s comments come a day after he claimed widespread testing for coronavirus is “overrated”, despite experts saying testing is crucial to stop the virus’ spread and re-open the country.

“I have always said testing is somewhat overrated,” the president said Thursday at the White House.

“Because what happens after somebody takes a test, what’s going on there?”

On Wednesday the White House revealed Trump’s personal valet, who sources say serves the president his meals and doesn’t wear a mask, tested positive.

The valet works in the West Wing and serves the president his meals, among other duties.

However, on Thursday the president told reporters that he had "very little contact" with the aide, and that all Oval Office aides do wear masks.

He said: "I’ve had very little personal contact with this gentleman."

VP Mike Pence told reporters that he and President Trump will be tested for the virus every day.

The White House is using the Abbott Labs tests, which provide a diagnosis in 15 minutes.

Anyone who meets with the president is required to pass a coronavirus test.

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