Evelyn Boswell’s mom Megan could be EXECUTED over ‘murder’ of her toddler

THE mother of Evelyn Mae Boswell may face execution as she is charged for killing the 15-month old child.

Megan Boswell, 19, pleaded not guilty to her child's murder on Friday– and by December, a court will decide if she will face the death penalty, WJHL reported.

Little Evelyn was reported missing in February – but had not been seen since December of last year.

After a 16-day search, the child's remains were discovered on a family property in Tennessee.

The mother was initially arrested after authorities said she lied about details of where her child was, interfering with the investigation.

This month, however, Boswell was charged with two counts of felony murder and hiding the body.

Prosecutors said as Boswell pled not guilty to 19 different charges on Friday, that they will decide by a December 3 hearing if they will pursue sentences like death penalty for the mother.

"On that date, the state is supposed to determine whether or not there’ll be enhanced punishment, which would be the death penalty or life without parole or not,” District Attorney General Barry Staubus said, as reported by WJHL.

Staubus said the penalty for first-degree murder is life in prison – but that could be escalated to a death sentence or life without parole, WJHL reported.

Boswell is currently held in the Sullivan County Jail on a bond of $1million.

Her bond was previously held at $150,000.

As Evelyn was reported missing in February, Boswell initially told investigators Evelyn was with her dad – but it was discovered he was actually on duty in the military and stationed in Louisiana.

Boswell then told cops her mother, Angela Boswell, took the toddler to a campground in Mendota, Virginia.

Police did not find the toddler there, either, but Angela and her boyfriend William McCloud were arrested in North Carolina amid the investigations.

The Grandmother was charged with theft and violating probation.

Evelyn's body was found on a family member's property in Tennessee on March 6.

Her remains were discovered among diapers, toys and baby clothes.

Boswell was initially indicted on 11 counts of making false statements in May.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced additional charges against the mother earlier this month, however.

Full charges Boswell faces include two counts of felony murder, one count of aggravated child abuse, one count of child neglect, and one count of abuse of a corpse, according to TBI.

She also was charged with one count of failure to report a death under suspicious, unusual or unnatural circumstances, and twelve counts of false reports, TBI said.

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