EXCLUSIVE Sperm donor, 37, with condition banned from contacting woman

EXCLUSIVE Sperm donor, 37, who fathered 15 children to lesbian mothers despite having incurable condition that leads to low IQ is banned by judge from contacting one woman he impregnated twice

  • James MacDougall donated sperm despite knowing he has Fragile X syndrome
  • Genetic condition, which is inheritable, leads to low IQ and developmental delay
  • His identity emerged in May after an almost unprecedented move by a judge
  • He has now been banned from contacting a mother-of-two from Derbyshire
  • MacDougall fathered two of her children after she found his advert online
  • But he was found to be harassing her and has been given a restraining order 

A sperm donor with Fragile X syndrome who fathered 15 children after keeping his incurable genetic condition hidden has been banned from contacting a young woman he impregnated twice.

James MacDougall, 37, went ahead with private sperm donations to a number of lesbian women after advertising himself on social media without fully revealing his condition.

The genetic condition, which is hereditary, leads to low IQ and developmental delay and cannot be cured.

His identity emerged in May after an almost unprecedented move by a judge in a Family Court battle to prevent other women from using him as a sperm donor – after he demanded access to some of the children. 

Last week, a 24-year-old mother of two of his children was granted a restraining order by a court after he was found to be harassing her.

MacDougall has been ordered to stay away from her for the next five years.

The mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons and co-parents her daughters with her girlfriend, previously told MailOnline that he had ‘tried to work his way into her life’ and force her to leave her gay partner.

MacDougall was given a restraining order at Derby Magistrates’ Court preventing him from contacting the mother, and another person, until October 2027. 

He was also ordered not to enter certain areas of Derby for the same period of time.

McDougall, a volunteer at a film and sci-fi museum pleaded guilty to using violence for the purpose of securing entry to a property without lawful authority.

He is understood to have been sentenced in his absence, having not appeared in person at the hearing.

James MacDougall (pictured) went ahead with private sperm donations despite knowing that he suffered from Fragile X syndrome 

The mother, from Derbyshire, said she and her partner found MacDougall advertising on social media and believed he would be a cheap way to conceive

The mother, who was in attendance at the hearing, declined to make a comment, saying: ‘I’ve just left court and I can’t talk about it.’

Other assault offences against MacDougall, of Beeston, Nottinghamshire, were dismissed by magistrates as no prosecution evidence was offered.

He has already been banned from contacting some of the other children he fathered as a result.

Mrs Justice Lieven said in May that ‘he took advantage of these young women’s vulnerability and their strong desire to have children’.

The children he fathered are understood to be aged between three and a few months old.

The judge found that MacDougall showed ‘fundamental irresponsibility’ by not being upfront about his condition, which prevented him from being a sperm donor through a regulated clinic.

She said identifying him was an ‘unusual step’, but added that there was ‘a very specific benefit in him being named in the hope that women will look him up on the internet and see this judgment’.

MacDougall was described him as ‘a complex person’ who has been diagnosed as having learning difficulties and being on the autistic spectrum.

Speaking to MailOnline in June, the mother-of-two said she had no idea he had the condition when she spoke to him about helping her and her female partner to conceive.

The jobless woman from Derbyshire had she turned to MacDougall in a desperate bid to give her the gift of a baby.

She had limited financial resources and MacDougall appeared to be acting in good faith and for free.

The mother went onto have two daughters by him.

MacDougall (pictured) ‘gradually’ started trying to work his way into her life – and despite knowing she was in a same sex relationship 

 The jobless woman from Derbyshire had she turned to MacDougall in a desperate bid to give her the gift of a baby

The former warehouse and chip shop worker explained how her partner, now aged 25, had previously tried to get pregnant using a fertility clinic, but it had not led to a successful pregnancy.

Instead, they decided she should try to conceive instead and, soon after, her partner found MacDougall’s advert online. They immediately got in touch with a view to him fathering their child.

She understood that he would have no involvement in her children’s upbringing, but he ‘gradually’ started trying to work his way into her life – despite knowing she was in a same sex relationship. 

The woman also had ‘no idea’ that he suffered from the health condition, which she fears her eldest daughter has inherited.

She said: ‘She has a lot of traits, she isn’t talking, she hates bright lights and the school has picked this up and raised concerns. 

‘I feel angry that James may have passed this on to my daughter. He never mentioned it. He should have told me about his condition but he didn’t and I blame him.’

She explained how he had persuaded her to let him stay at her home for two weeks during lockdown while she tried to get pregnant for a second time.

The mother added: ‘He had a weird obsession with me and on one occasion smacked my backside and tried to initiate sexual contact with me

‘But there was none at all. I don’t want a man involved in my kids’ lives, it totally repulses me. I want two mums only.

‘He was not meant to have any contact with the children but I did let him see the eldest a few times.’

Mrs Justice Lieven said in May that ‘he took advantage of these young women’s vulnerability and their strong desire to have children.’ 

But this proved a mistake as MacDougall took it as encouragement, she says.

The mother continued: ‘He was becoming possessive and I saw a weird side of him. James became controlling. He tried to make me leave my partner to be with him. He even told his parents he was in a relationship with me – which is all lies.

‘He wanted to be part of my family but that was never the arrangement.’

MacDougall’s own adoptive parents have claimed that he was offering his services because he’s ‘kind-hearted’.

June and John MacDougall have previously spoken in defence of their son as they revealed their son’s donor obsession.

Mrs MacDougall, 73, told MailOnline how her son was now ‘struggling with it all’ after being banned from being involved in the lives of some of the children he had fathered.

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