Explosive device thrown amid rival Israel-Palestine protest in NYC

Pro-Palestinians throw a ‘smoke BOMB’ at a group of pro-Israel supporters in NYC’s Diamond District and confront Jewish people screaming ‘f**k Israel’ amid violent clashes in Times Square

  • Pro-Israel and pro-Palestine groups gathered near Times Square in Manhattan on Thursday
  • An explosive device was thrown at the marchers, detonating in a flash as terrified people ran for cover
  • NYPD told DailyMail.com they believed it was a smoke bomb, and there were minor injuries such as burns
  • It was unclear who had thrown the device, but NYPD were already on the scene to deal with scuffles
  • One pro-Israel demonstrator was seen on social media being punched in the stomach after attempting to chase down a man who snatched an Israeli flag from his hands
  • A pro-Palestine protester was put in handcuffs after he tried to run after a man who grabbed his Palestinian flag
  • Police arrested at least 19 people in the skirmishes 

An explosive device has been thrown into a crowd of protesters near Times Square, as pro-Israel and pro-Palestine demonstrations descended into violence. 

The device thrown on Thursday evening is thought to be a smoke bomb, a NYPD spokesman told DailyMail.com.

He said there were minor injuries, which he believed to be burns. 

 At least 19 people were arrested, The New York Post reported, amid skirmishes between the two sides.

Footage on social media showed agitators from both sides attempting to snatch the other’s flag. One pro-Israel protester was punched in the stomach when he fought to retrieve his flag; a pro-Palestine protester has seen in handcuffs after he tried to get his own flag back. 

People are seen running for cover on Thursday evening as the device was thrown and began smoking

Smoke can be seen in the area as the device was hurled towards the crowd in Manhattan

Footage on social media did not immediately identify who threw the device: NYPD are investigating

New York police said it was too early to tell who had thrown the explosive device.

However, on social media some claimed that it was hurled by pro-Palestine activists towards a group of pro-Israeli demonstrators. 

Pro-Palestine activists cheer as a man punches another man in the side of the head in Times Square

NYPD are seen arresting a man in a pro-Palestine t-shirt on Thursday evening in Times Square

Green smoke was let off by protesters as fist fights broke out between pro-Palestine and pro-Israel agitators

One man fell to the floor and was kicked while on the ground, as another man, in a red sweatshirt, tried to stop the violence

An Israeli flag was set on fire by the pro-Palestinian crowd

NYPD brought in barricades to try and separate the two warring factions

A masked man waves a Palestinian flag in Times Square, amid smoke and brawls

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