Family at Tenerife coronavirus hotel 'pushed back inside' during escape attempt

A police officer in Tenerife has told how a family tried to break free from the H10 Costa Adeje Palace after they were quarantined this morning.

David González Fumero told that the entrances and exits to the hotel are being controlled by police to prevent anyone entering or leaving the premises.

He said: ‘The hotel is quite large and has direct access to the beach.

‘This morning a family tried to break that police line and leave the hotel with their bags, but they were discovered by the police and gave up their escape attempt.’

Mr Fumero, who works for the Policía Canaria, could not confirm what nationality the family were.

He added: ‘The main mission of my colleagues is to cordon off the area near the hotel to avoid the presence of curious people and of course, prevent someone from entering or leaving.’

Mr Fumero went on to say the hotel was now in a state of ‘apparent tranquillity’, adding that guests can now move around inside.

However, he noted that there is still some concern about Quiron Hospital, where the Italian doctor with coronavirus sought medical attention.

He said: ‘If there is a little nervousness, it is because apparently this patient did not indicate at first that he came from the northern part of Italy and that he could be infected with the virus.

‘So this patient was quietly waiting for his turn in the emergency room and later wandered through the hospital to go to the toilet, to the X-ray area, even the cafeteria.’

Her holiday was booked through travel company Tui, who she says she has not had much contact with either.

Ms Green said: ‘They were just going on what the hotel’s been telling them, basically, and the hotel wouldn’t tell them anything either.

‘People are moving around the hotel but we’re not. We’re in our room with the baby. We’re worried for the baby.’

She added: ‘I don’t think we’ll be allowed to leave. We don’t want to be here. We’re fed up now.

‘The sandstorm was the day after we arrived, Sunday, so we had to stay in the hotel then. Holiday from hell, honestly.’

A spokesperson for Tui UK has since confirmed they have around 200 customers inside the hotel from different countries.

Holidaymaker Elaine Whitewick, who is away with friend Jayney Brown, shared a series of videos on her Facebook that showed police stationed outside the hotel.

Filming a table lined with bottles of water, she noted that these were the only supplies she had been offered.

She said: ‘This is what we’ve been offered. Just water. We’ve been told we’ve got to go back to our rooms. Nobody is allowed out or anything.’

Her friend added: ‘It’s very heart-breaking, to look out of the window and see the beautiful sunshine and the swimming pool and it’s just all empty.’

Ms Whitewick added: ‘It’s just ridiculous. We’re not even allowed to go outside to the pool without our masks on. We’re just stuck here.’

In a statement, the hotel also said they had ‘implemented all health and operational recommendations from the health authorities to ensure the safety and wellbeing of customers and employees’.

It added: ‘Additionally, we are providing customers and hotel staff all the necessary care and attention so that, despite the inconveniences this situation may cause, they are taken care of in the best way possible.’

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