Family horrified by spotting deadly beast hidden in photo while relaxing by the river… can you find it? | The Sun

A CHILLING photo shows an unwelcome guest at a family picnic by a river – but can you spot the creature?

The seemingly quiet riverside scene was disturbed as the group were left fleeing for their lives when they noticed the beast.

The chilling photo shows just how hard it was to spot as massive CROCODILE just metres from the family's camp.

The beast lay hiding in the river as while the group enjoyed a day out in Australia.

The pictures shows the eerie scene moments after the family had fled – with the snap captured by a passerby.

It shows the monster beast perfectly camouflaged beneath the water.


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At first glance, the reptile appears to be nothing more than a floating log in the murky water but after taking a closer look, the beast can be seen swimming just a few metres away from the family’s gazebo.

Being shared online thousands of times, stunned commenters said the family were "lucky to be alive".

“A pic from a local family enjoying time on the Wenlock River cooling off until a visitor shows up”, a caption read on the post to a local Facebook Group.

The terrifying shot went viral within hours, bagging over 4,000 likes and over 1,500 shares.

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“Very lucky they’re alive to tell the story,” one user commented.

“Once you enter the water in Far North Queensland you are no longer at the top of the food chain,” said another.

“I was told for every crocodile you can see there are another 7 hiding.”

The Facebook group members were losing their minds over how the crocodile was so well hidden beneath the water and how the family day out could have ended in disaster.

According to Tourism Tropical North Queensland, it is essential that people Camp at least 50m from the edge of the water and 2m above the high-water mark.

The Queensland tourism organisation also urges swimmers to look out for crocodile slide marks on the river bank and to stay well away from them.

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