Florida condo collapse: Remains of nanny for family of Paraguay’s president return to home country

90 confirmed dead in Surfside condo collapse

90 confirmed dead, 31 potentially missing in Surfside, Florida condo collapse. Fox News’ Charles Watson with the latest.

The remains of a 23-year-old Paraguayan woman who was a nanny at the Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida, were returned to her home country on Tuesday. 

Leidy Vanessa Luna Villalba nannied for the family of the sister of Paraguayan first lady Silvana Lopez Moreira. 

The bodies of the first lady’s sister Sophia López Moreiro, her sister’s husband Luis Pettengill and their youngest child have also been recovered from the rubble. 

Their two older children are still missing. 

Luna Villalba’s mother and her cousin accompanied her remains on the flight to Paraguay.

Paraguayan Foreign Minister Euclides Acevedo said President Mario Abdo Benítez “asked me to be with [Luna Villalba’s] family because he will receive the remains of his relatives next Thursday.” 

Pallbearers carry the coffin that contain the remains of Leidy Vanessa Luna Villalba outside her home, in Eugenio Garay, Paraguay, Tuesday, July 13, 2021. Luna Villalba, a nanny employed by the sister of Paraguay’s first lady Silvana Lopez Moreira, was among those who died in the Champlain Towers South condominium collapse in Surfside, Florida on June 24. (AP Photo/Jorge Saenz)

Acevedo added, “Leidy’s mother is being seen to by two psychologists from the Ministry of Women, but with this the grieving process begins. We must respect their pain in silence, it is time for consolation in the embrace.” 

The death toll in the June 24 overnight collapse rose to 95 on Tuesday with 14 still missing. 

Luna Villalba had finished her nursing degree and was taking care of children to earn money to pay for the expenses of the preparation and defense of her thesis.

“Leidy’s mother is the authentic Paraguayan woman: beautiful and supportive,” Acevedo added. “She is an example for all of us because she endured her pain without asking for anything, as a rural woman she is far from the greed of the consumer society.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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