Former Met Police officer Archie Payne banned from rejoining the force

On-duty Met Police officer, 28, who was found guilty of assault after grabbing man by the throat and throwing him to the floor in brawl outside Wetherspoons is barred from the force

  • Archie Payne was convicted of assaulting Scott Rooney in Romford in 2020 
  • A court heard Payne grabbed Mr Rooney by the throat and threw him down 
  • Payne received a suspended sentence but has since been barred from the police 
  • A Met Police misconduct panel found Payne was not fit to return to policing 

A former Met Police officer who grabbed a man by the throat and threw him to the ground has been indefinitely barred from the force.

Archie Payne, 28, grabbed 26-year-old Scott Rooney by the throat and threw him to the floor after responding to reports of a fight in Romford on January 5, 2020.

His colleague, PC Jack Wood, struck Jake Smith, 26, with his baton during the same incident, causing a gash to his skull.

Mr Rooney, a railway engineer, had told a court how he was attacked after he tried to take a picture of PC Wood and his officer number outside the Worlds Inn in South Street.

Body worn footage showed Payne grabbing Mr Rooney’s throat, pushing him to the wall and lying on top of him.

Former PC Archie Payne, pictured, has been permanently banned from serving as a police officer after his appeal against an assault conviction at Southwark Crown Court failed. He is due back in court on October 3 where a judge may wish to adjust his sentence

Mr Rooney had touched PC Wood’s jacket lapel to which Payne told him ‘there’s no need to touch him.’

Payne is then heard saying ‘tell you what mate, we’ll deal with you’ as he takes Mr Rooney to the ground.

The Met Police received a formal complaint about the force used by both officers.

In July 2020, Payne was charged with assault by beating. He was ultimately convicted in May 2021 following a trial at Hendon and then City of London Magistrates’ Court.

He was ordered to pay a total of £1,632 in compensation and court costs last June.

The former PC appealed his conviction in June this year but the appeal was not upheld.

Southwark Crown Court had heard Payne left the force and became a railway driver.

His sentence for the assault will be heard again on October 3, following his failed appeal

A Met Police misconduct panel found Payne had breached the standards of professional behaviour in relation to ‘discreditable conduct’ and ‘use of force’.

Assistant Commissioner Amanda Pearson, who chaired the panel, decided former PC Payne would have been dismissed without notice.

It was also decided that his name would be added to the Barred List held by the College of Policing.

Those appearing on the list cannot be employed by police, local policing bodies (PCCs), the IOPC or HMIC.

Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell, East Area Borough Commander said: ‘Police officers have powers that allow them to use force.

Mr Rooney, a railway engineer, said he was the victim of an unprovoked onslaught after trying to take a picture of Pc Wood and his officer number

‘It is expected and demanded that when officers use those powers, they are used in a reasonable, proportionate and lawful way.

‘An officer in each case must justify their use of force.

‘It is clear that in this incident these standards were not met.’

Throwing out Payne’s appeal earlier this year the judge, Mr Recorder Ben Douglas-Jones, KC, said: ‘Mr Rooney was calm and not disorderly throughout. He was seeking evidence and information from the officers.

‘We are sure that Mr Rooney asked for permission to take the photograph. His hands were behind his back demonstrating that he was not threatening.

‘He came back and wanted to gather information and did that in an orderly manner.

‘PC Payne acted violently and there was no basis for doing so.

‘Mr Rooney’s body language showed no sign of threatening behaviour.’

‘There was no basis for an arrest and no reason, rightly or wrongly, to arrest [Mr Rooney].

‘[PC Payne] caused a violent episode that was completely unnecessary.’

GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING: Jake Smith, 26, was left with a gaping head wound

PC Wood denied but was convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm against Mr Scott and assault by beating against Mr Rooney following a trial at City of London Magistrates’ Court last year.

He was sentenced to six months imprisonment suspended for 12 months after a judge took into account his exemplary record.

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