Former Playboy model turned Italian princess is EVICTED from castle

Widowed Texas Playboy model turned Italian princess, 73, is HOMELESS and sofa-surfing with friends in Europe after being kicked out $533M Roman villa – as her three stepsons battle for control of the world’s most expensive house

  • Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi, 73, was evicted from the Casino dell’ Aurora last month after her stepsons argued they had a rightful claim to it
  • The princess is now left homeless and penniless, while the status of her $533million home remains in limbo
  • The Ukrainian refugee family she had housed at the estate also found themselves homeless

A former Playboy model turned Italian princess who was evicted from the castle she spent the past decade restoring by her royal stepsons is still searching for a permanent home months later. 

Her Royal Highness Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi, 73, had been granted the rights to the Casino dell’ Aurora by her late husband, Prince Nicolo Boncompagni Ludovisi, in his will.

But her stepsons, Princes Bante, Ignazio and Francesco have argued that they have a rightful claim to a portion of the 32,000-square-foot Renaissance villa and its surrounding estate, which serves as the ancestral home of the Boncompagni Ludovisi clan.

They argued in an Italian court that the princess had damaged the world’s most expensive property as she tried to restore it, and was charging tours of the estate.

A judge then issued an evacuation order in January, which was finally enforced with police arriving outside the palace gates on April 20, when she had just 30 minutes to collect all of her belongings.

The princess is now left homeless and penniless, while the status of her $533million home remains in limbo. 

Making matters worse, the Ukrainian refugee family she had housed at the estate has once again found themselves homeless. 

‘It’s been such a brutal ending to a beautiful story,’ she said. 

Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi, 73, has been evicted from the castle she spent the past decade restoring by her royal stepsons

The princess has said ‘we had a wonderful life together’ with Prince Nicolo

Princess Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi poses for a photograph outside Villa Aurora, a building that boasts Caravaggio’s only ceiling mural

One of the entrances to the 32,000-square-foot Renaissance villa is pictured here

‘It has been very Kafkaesque and deeply disorienting,’ the princess, who was born in Texas and made a name for herself as a political operative, told the New York Post.

She said her assets have all been frozen, and she was ordered by an Italian court to pay her stepsons’ legal bills.

The princess has also been left without her 16-year-old Mercedes Benz, after one of the princes claimed he had a rightful ownership of the car.

‘I lost my home of 20years, my Ukrainian guests were thrown out on the street with no place to go, my dogs are traumatized and the custodian [judge] would not let me take my car,’ she said.

‘Bante has been very aggressive with me for no reason,’ Rita said of her 52-year-old stepson. 

‘None of it had to happen this way,’ she continued. ‘I’m pretty easy to get along with.’

Rita is now staying at a villa loaned to her by Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli outside of Rome, but will soon be seeking shelter from another friend outside of Paris.

The Ukrainian refugee family that she took in following the Russian invasion last year, meanwhile, are staying in an apartment outside of Rome.

But the unit is only available for another week, ‘and then the unknown,’ Masha Bratashevska, a stylist from Kyiv, told the Post.

‘All of our acquaintances are trying to help us find something to rent for several months, but to no avail.’

The princess has told how all of her assets have been frozen and even her car was seized

The princess was born Rita Carpenter in San Antonio, Texas in November 1949

Italian police stood in front of the villa as they forced the princess out on April 20

Her stepsons have argued that they have a rightful claim to a portion of the 32,000-square-foot Renaissance villa and its surrounding estate, which is the ancestral home of the Boncompagni Ludovisi clan. Francesco and Bante are pictured here 

A court ruled that she allowed an exterior wall in the world’s most expensive property to crumble – despite images showing it still standing

The mother-of-three told how her youngest children, Elisabetta, 7, and Vlad, 8, must now leave the apartment at 5am to make the trip to central Rome so that thy can attend their old school near the palace.

‘The children still go to the local school,’ Bratashevska explained. ‘Stability, at least in some way, is extremely important now.’

Her eldest son, now 17, has returned to Ukraine to live with his father, whom he missed while he was bullied at school in Italy.

‘Thanks to Rita, this place has become a second home for us, where we were able to calm down and restore normal life, especially [for] the children,’ she said.

‘The news of the eviction was absolutely stunning and shocking for us.’

After the eviction, the princess said, the children returned to the villa to collect their clothes and toys — before locking themselves up in a room and refusing to leave.

‘Every time Vlad sees me he hands me coins,’ she said. ‘He said he wants to help me.

‘It’s been such a brutal ending to a beautiful story.’ 

The princess is pictured being ousted from her home of 20 years on April 20 

Texas-born Princess Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi said it did not have to be this way

She decided to pose nude for Playboy in 1981, the same year she and a South Carolina congressman got divorced

The princess was born Rita Carpenter in San Antonio, Texas in November 1949.

Her father, C. Hunt Carpenter, was an insurance tycoon turned natural gas millionaire. 

Living a life of privilege, Rita went on to become a Republican party official — only to marry Democratic Representative John Jenrette Jr. in 1976. 

Rita is pictured on the cover of Playboy in 1984, three years after she first appeared in the magazine back in 1981

She later claimed that he was a serial cheater, and she decided to pose nude for Playboy in 1981, the same year she and Jenrette got divorced.

During that time, sometime in the 80s’, when she appeared on the cover of Playboy, a scandal played out when she told the magazine that she and Jenrette had sex on the Capital steps during a break in an all-night House session.

But, in 2017 during an interview on ‘CBS Sunday Morning,’ she claimed it was simply a ‘kiss,’ asserting that ‘we did not make love on the Capitol steps.’

Luviosi then met Prince Nicolo in the early 2000s, when on of his friends asked her to serve as his broker for a hotel he wanted to develop, and in 2009, she became his third wife. (The princes mother, Beneatta Barberini Colonna di Sciarra was his first).

Despite familial drama, the princess has said ‘we had a wonderful life together,’ devoting their time to renovating the villa, which was once the home of Julius Ceasar.

Together, they discovered 150,000 documents in a previously unfound archive at the property.

It has been turned into a digital archive by undergraduates, with highlights including detailed financial accounts for the Boncompagni and Ludovisi families, and 25 previously unknown letters of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

A formal collaboration with Rutgers University led to the creation of a course, with a focus on Gregory XIII Boncompagni (1572–85) and Gregory XV Ludovisi.

The villa is also home to the only mural that Caravaggio is known to have painted.

The Caravaggio ceiling graces a tiny room off a spiral staircase on the second floor, and was commissioned in 1597 by a diplomat and patron of the arts to decorate the ceiling of the small room being used as an alchemy workshop.

The 2.75-meter (9-foot) wide mural, which depicts Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune, is unusual: It’s not a fresco, but rather oil paint on plaster.

Princess Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi shows to journalists her stunning Renaissance-era home

The Casino Boncompagni Ludovisi also known as Casino dell’Aurora. Pictured is the ornate ceiling showing the countries, with the side panels painted by Guercino, Paul Bril, Domenichino, Gian Battista Viola

Tucked away in a small room on the second floor, Jupiter, Neptune And Pluto (pictured) is the only ceiling painting by Caravaggio

But since Prince Nicolo died in 2018, his children have been arguing that the house, built in 1570, belongs to them, that their grandfather intended for them to inherit it and that their late father abused them and mismanaged his fortune.

They mounted a multi-pronged legal campaign to get control of the property so it can be sold, but attempts to lower the price to $353million still failed to shift it.

Rome Judge Miriam Iappelli issued an eviction order in January, accusing the princess of having violated a previous order forbidding her from conducting guided tours of the property.

Rita said the tours were necessary to raise money to maintain the villa. In addition, the judge found that the princess had failed to maintain the home in a ‘good state of conservation’ after an exterior wall allegedly crumbled.

But photos posted on social media show that a top piece of the wall appeared to have become dislodged, rather than the collapse of the structure entirely.  

The princess has now retained six lawyers, and is scheduled to be back in court at the end of the month to once again fight eviction.

She has claimed she has been ousted due to her stepson’s anti-American sentiment.

It has since been revealed that prince Bante is wanted in the United States for domestic violence charges.

The prince, who is married to Delphina Lapham — the daughter of journalist Lewis Lapham — was charged with domestic assault in Newport, Rhode Island in 2012.

He was accused of shoving his wife to the ground during an argument at the time, and when he was handcuffed he allegedly told police it was ‘none of their business’ and they would be ‘arrested’ in Italy.

The prince then fled the United States, but there is still an open warrant for his arrest.

‘I have never, and never will commit a crime,’ he told the Post. ‘It is known throughout the world that American police are worse than dogs.’ 

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