Foul-mouthed parrot squawks and calls Donald Trump a ‘w***er’ when he sees him on TV – The Sun

A FOUL-mouthed parrot gives Donald Trump the bird when he sees him on TV.

Some might say he looks a bit like the US President but the cheeky pet calls him a “w***er”.

Weary owner Marie McAleavey, 51, says her red-tailed Congo parrot Lucky Angel loves to turn the air blue.

She said: “He’s spoilt rotten. I have to put on Sky News at lunchtime or he kicks up a fuss.

"As soon as he sees Trump, he squawks and insults him.

"He loves calling him a w***er.

"He's very smart, he knows Trump to see on the TV, it's quite astonishing really."

She said he was an expensive treat – but well worth it.

The carer, who called her pet Lucky because she won £500 on a scratchcard the week after she got him, says the clever four-year-old knows more than 500 words.

She added: “He’s been keeping me entertained during lockdown since I’ve been furloughed.”

But Marie, of Newry in Co Down, Northern Ireland, joked: “He keeps telling me to f*** off back to work.”

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