George Floyd seen 'flatlining' in new footage as first paramedic on scene says he knew he was 'already dead'

NEW footage shows George Floyd flatlining in the back of an ambulance as a paramedic tells Derek Chauvin's murder trial he already "thought he was dead."

Derek Smith told the court on Thursday of battling to give Floyd a "second chance at life" despite being unable to find a pulse.

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Smith also described taking the handcuffs off Floyd after he was moved to the ambulance as well as identifying "superficial" injuries to his nose and shoulder.

The paramedic pointed Floyd's bloodied nose as the new footage showed one of the police officer's involved in the 46-year-old's arrest carrying out chest compressions.

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Smith said that he saw Floyd on the ground and three offiers on top of him when he first arrive at the scene outside of the Cup Foods store where the father-of-one was being arrested on May 25.

He said that he had initially been called to a code two emergency at that location but it was later upgraded with no further details given.

"He was in handcuffs at the time," Smith told the court, adding that "officers were still on him when I approached."

He said that the scene was not "welcoming" as there were "multiple people with cellphones out" and "elevated tones."

Smith said that he was not sure where ex-cop Chauvin's knee was placed when he arrived as there was "a lot going on."

After finding no pulse, Smith said that Floyd's pupils were also dilated and he decided to immediately get him into the back of the ambulance for further treatment.

"In lay terms, I thought he was dead," Smith explained.

"I think he is dead and I want to move him out of there. I will continue care in the back.

"In a living person you should have a pulse. I suspected this patient to be dead.

"His heart isn’t beating and it should be The longer it isn’t beating the less likely it will be he’ll be resuscitated," Smith added of asking one of the officers to move out of the way.

Smith also said that when he arrived on the scene "no medical treatment was being given" and chest compressions were only started after he instructed an officer who joined them in the ambulance to do so.

The bodycam from this officer was presented to jurors on Thursday, which should him carrying out Smith's orders and the paramedics again trying to locate a pulse.

"There were relatively superficial injuries that I do not think would have resuleted in cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest was my primary concern," Smith said of his treatment.

"He’s a human being and I was trying to give him a second chance at life."

The defense questioned the paramedic on why he dismissed the police officer who was helping once the fire departmet arrived but he fired back that he "wanted as many people at the time to help me at that cardiac arrest."

Smith said that he was "actively working" on Floyd's treatment the whole way to the hospital but he did not resusitate.

He described administering a shock on one occasion when he appeared to notice a pulse but that Floyd's heart was not active.

"He remained in dead state," Smith said.

Earlier on Thursday, fellow paramedic Seth Zachary Brabinder described how he "didn't see him moving or breathing" when he first approached Floyd.

He added that Floyd was "limp" when he was placed in the ambulance.

Smith and Brabinder gave their testimony on the fourth day of Chauvin's trial.

The ex-cop, 45, faces charges of unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter for kneeling on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes, 29 seconds, as he lay face down in handcuffs.

The arrest and death was filmed in now infamous footage but the jury was this week presented with further surveillance footage from the Cup Foods store where Floyd was arrested.

Earlier in the week, a cashier told the court that Floyd "appeared high" in the store and that he used a "fake" bill which led the manager to call the cops

The jury was also shown the full bodycam footage from Chauvin and the other officers involved in the arrest.

The trial is expected to last for four weeks.

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