George HW Bush’s Great Granddaughter Mila, 5, Gave Beautiful Reason He Passed At Christmas

Sometimes out of the mouths of babes comes great wisdom, and that is what happened when Jenna Bush Hager’s 5-year-old daughter, Mila, whose given name is Margaret Laura, heard of the passing of former president George H.W. Bush. Of course, for Mila, the great man was simply “Gampy.”

In an interview with Today, Hager and her twin sister Barbara Pierce Bush discussed the passing of her grandfather. During the insightful piece, Hager shared some sweet words that her little girl shared. Hager said that she asked her husband why her grandfather had died at the holiday season, and her daughter, whom the mother didn’t even realize had heard, gave a touching reason her great-grandfather had passed so near Christmas.

“Well, of course, it’s happening right before Christmas, Gampy had to get to Ganny so they could decorate their Christmas tree,” said the 5-year-old Mila.

In the heartbreaking interview, Hager said, “And I thought, you know, from the mouth of babes, because they had never spent a Christmas apart. In their whole 73 years, 74 years. So, of course, he wanted to be there. And she was probably like, ‘Come on, time to come home.’”

The Inquisitr reported that both Hager and her sister Barbara are “heartbroken” over their grandfather’s death, but they do take some solace in knowing that he is reunited with his wife of 73 years, former first lady Barbara Bush.

In a touching tribute to the 41st President of the United States, Hager said her girls, Mila and Poppy Louise, 3, received a gift in getting to know their great-grandfather during the early years of their lives, and in looking at the pictures of them together that she shared, that sentiment is evident. Clearly, Bush loved his family.

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What a gift that my girls got to know our Gampy. What an honor that we could name our Poppy after such a principled, humble, kind man who we all loved fiercely and who loved us back. I read this letter—he wrote us—with new eyes: Remember the old song? “I’ll be there, ready when you are?” Well, I’ll be there, ready when you are. And if you need me, I’m here. Devotedly, Dad.”

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Bush’s granddaughters reported that although he had lost the love of his life this past April, he still lived his life as much as he possibly could even in his grief. He also had the joy of seeing Barbara, his late wife’s namesake, get married to actor Craig Coyn in October.

On Wednesday, the United States observed a national day of mourning to mark the passing of the 41st president. All current and former living presidents and their wives attended the funeral where Bush’s son, George W. Bush, delivered a heartfelt eulogy to his father. The 43rd president managed to keep the tribute light-hearted until near the end when he broke down in tears talking about his dad’s reunion with his mother as well as their late daughter Robin who died from leukemia at the age of three.

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