George Papadopoulos Released From Prison, Defiantly Plugs New Book ‘Deep State Target’

Former foreign policy adviser for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, George Papadopoulos has been freed from federal custody in Wisconsin after completing the twelfth day of a fourteen day prison sentence that he had been handed for making false statements to the FBI agents investigating him as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

“George Papadopoulos was released from the minimum security facility and is no longer in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons,” Fox News quoted a spokesperson for the Federal Correctional Institution in Oxford as having confirmed on Friday, December 7. Papadopoulos’ stay at the FCI Oxford facility was shortened thanks to him having been credited time served for the two days he spent behind bars during his indictment process in 2017.

Papadopoulos has now come full circle as the first person from the probe to be ordered behind bars. The 31-year-old political consultant was taken down after it was discovered that he had attempted to mislead the investigation in at least two instances. The first involved his contact with a UK-based professor who promised access to thousands of incriminating Hillary Clinton emails through connections he had with Russian intelligence. Papadopoulos initially claimed that the communication occurred prior to Trump’s campaign. The second would involve him lying about dates pertaining to his meeting with a Russian operative through whom he had attempted to set up a meeting between the campaign and the Kremlin, according to The Hill.

Because he eventually folded and provided a statement admitting guilt, Papadopoulos was for a time viewed in the light of a suspect who had deceived the President. But he has since been openly critical of Mueller and gotten back into the good graces of those who are skeptical of the grand investigation. Papadopoulos’ followers on Twitter will recall him defiantly tweeting that “the truth will all be out” and “the wool isn’t going to be pulled over America’s eyes forever,” just before turning himself over to authorities.

Per Fortune magazine, some of the very supporters who’ve stuck by the dual U.S. and Greek citizen will be in attendance when he makes his first public appearance since his release as a guest speaker at the conservative American Priority conference on Saturday. Papadopoulos’ talk will likely translate into a bump in the sales of his new book, “Deep State Target” – which he just announced the publication of in a post that directs followers to place their pre-orders on Amazon.

Although he is for the most part a free man at this point, CNN reports that Papadopoulos must still serve 200 hours of community service and pay a $9,500 fine over the course of a twelve month period of supervised release.

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