GOP likely to take ‘throuple’ Rep. Katie Hill’s vacated House seat

Republicans appear poised to retake former Rep. Katie Hill’s vacated House seat, who stepped down last year amid intense media scrutiny over her “throuple” relationship with her now-estranged husband and a female staffer.

GOP House hopeful Mike Garcia has not yet declared victory in Tuesday’s special election but holds a double-digit lead over Democrat Christy Smith, who was endorsed by Hill, as of Wednesday morning. Garcia holds 56 percent of the vote to Smith’s 44 percent.

“While the night is early and there are still votes to be counted, we are confident our message of low taxes and not taking Sacramento dysfunction to Washington has resonated with the voters of California,” Garcia said in a statement regarding his considerable lead.

“This district has been without leadership for far too long, and the people here need a strong independent voice fighting for them in DC, especially during these challenging times,” he continued.

Should Garcia, a former Navy fighter pilot and defense contractor executive, maintain his steady lead over his Democratic competitor, the Congressional hopeful will have flipped the strongly blue House seat for the first time since 1998.

The race will likely not be called for several days at least, due to ballots still being mailed in that will be counted as late as Friday. Ballots will not be counted if they are postmarked as having been sent after Tuesday.

Hill (D-California) resigned less than one year into her first term in Congress under the intense spotlight on her three-way relationship with her husband and a female staffer.

The scandal surrounding her worsened when nude photos of the former congresswoman began to leak and she was accused of having an affair with a separate legislative aide in her office, which sparked a House Ethics Committee probe.

While Hill copped to the “throuple” relationship, she vehemently denies any affair with her Capitol Hill staffer, saying that the leaks about her personal life were coming from her abusive estranged husband.

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