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Hapless mare Ellie has to be winched out of family’s swimming pool

Horse leads ITSELF to water: Hapless mare Ellie has to be winched out of family’s swimming pool by firefighters after falling in during night time stroll

  • RSPCA and fiefighters rushed to help after a Kent man woke up on Monday to discover there was a horse in his swimming pool
  • The four-year-old mare was in waist-deep water and at risk of hypothermia
  • She had been trying to get out of the pool but kept slipping on the bottom
  • a horse in his pool 

RSPCA officers and firefighters had to launch a life-saving mission to winch a horse out of a family’s back garden swimming pool, after it fell in at night and could not get out.

The animal welfare charity was alerted to the stricken mare on Monday morning after a man called them in surprise and concern after discovering a horse in his pool.

RSPCA inspector Rosie Russon and animal collection officer Brian Milligan rushed to Stockett Lane, Maidstone, to help the frightened horse.

‘The caller wasn’t sure how long she’d been there and feared she may have been there all night,’ Inspector Russon said.

The mare, believed to be four years old, may have been in the outdoor swimming pool all night and was ‘very very cold’

The horse had entered the water in Maidstone, Kent, overnight but could not get out

Fire crews aided RSPCA officer in assisting the trapped mare, which was at risk of hypothermia

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‘She was clearly very cold. The water was only around 1m deep so although it came only up to her stomach, she wasn’t able to get out of the pool on her own – and I was concerned about her getting hypothermia.

‘The caller said she’d been trying to get out of the pool but kept slipping on the bottom.

‘We called Kent Fire & Rescue Service for help and they sent a crew who helped us to winch her out of the pool.’

The mare, thought to be around four-years-old, was microchipped but the chip wasn’t registered.

Staff have nicknamed her Ellie after the Paralympic swimming champion Ellie Simmonds.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service arrived at the scene with a mechanised winch after the horse – nicknamed Ellie after Paralympic champion Ellie Simmonds – kept slipping on the bottom of the pool

The horse was hoisted bodily out of the water to safety at around 11am on Monday

She was unstrapped from her harness once out on dry land and attended to by fire crews and RSPCA officers

RSPCA Inspector Rosie Russon said other than minor leg injuries from falling into the pool Ellie seemed in good health and was recovering well

Inspector Russon added: ‘We believe Ellie had been straying and fell into the pool in the dark.

‘She has some minor injuries to her legs where she fell through the pool lining and hit the bottom but, other than that, she’s been very lucky.

‘She’s now been taken into care by one of our private boarding establishments where she’ll remain so she can be monitored and properly assessed.

‘If no one comes forward to claim her then we’ll start the process of finding her a suitable home.’

Anyone who believes they know where Ellie has come from can get in touch by calling 0300 123 8018 and leaving a message for Inspector Russon. 

A spokesman for Kent Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to Stocklett Lane in Maidstone on 31 December at 10:51 to reports of a horse stuck in a swimming pool.

‘The animal rescue unit attended and the horse was strapped up and lifted out of the pool using specialist machinery. She was handed into the care of the RSPCA.’

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