Hermes driver accused of stealing parcel 13 MINUTES after delivery

Hermes driver is accused of stealing parcel 13 MINUTES after delivering it after furious customer checks CCTV at her block of flats

  • Angelie Andrade received a notification that the parcel had been delivered 
  • Her husband went to get it from foyer of their London flat but it was not there 
  • Ms Andrade, 29, found CCTV showing it being taken 13 minutes after delivery
  • Footage captures a man walking in and picking up the package on March 9

A furious customer has accused a Hermes delivery driver of returning to steal a package minutes after delivering it.

Nurse Angelie Andrade shared CCTV footage of a Hermes employee putting a package – containing two pairs of shoes – in the foyer of the east London flats where she lives on March 9.

However, 13 minutes later the camera films a man, who she believes to be the same driver, entering the foyer and taking Ms Andrade’s package, along with another one that had been left for a neighbour.

Angelie Andrade had ordered a package from Next containing two pairs of shoes, which was delivered by Hermes to her flat in Whitechapel, east London, on March 9 (pictured)

A delivery driver dropped the parcel off in the foyer of her Whitechapel flat and confirmed the delivery in the early afternoon 

Ms Andrade said she was ‘disappointed’ and ‘angry’ to discover the parcel, from Next, had been taken after initially being confused as to where it had gone. 

The 29-year-old had been working at the time of the delivery, but said her husband was at home in Whitechapel waiting for it to be delivered.   

‘I received confirmation it had been delivered, so I asked my husband to go down, but when he did 20 minutes later there was no parcel there,’ she told MailOnline. 

‘That’s the time I knew it was stolen.’

She said she contacted Next who agreed to send her a new package the next day, but while she waited she asked her landlord for the CCTV to see what had happened. 

She was left gobsmacked when she watched the video and saw what she believes is the same delivery driver taking her package at 1.50pm, only minutes after delivering it.  

‘I think it’s the same person – it’s the same hat, the same shirt and he knows how to get it,’ Ms Andrade said.

‘I was disappointed, I was angry. This is the second time this has happened to me – it happened before when I was living in Walthamstow.’

Ms Andrade said she had complained to Hermes, but it had only responded to say her parcel had been delivered.

MailOnline has contacted Hermes for comment. 

Video footage shows a delivery driver coming into the foyer with a parcel trolley only 13 minutes later

The driver then picks up Ms Andrade’s parcel, as well as another one that had been left in the hallway

Hermes recently announced it was changing its name to Evri as part of a multi-million pound rebrand. 

It came after an investigation by The Times found that couriers at the company, which delivers 400 million packages a year, were throwing parcels around a depot in a bid to save time. 

The company denied the move, which will also see it invest £7 million a year in pensions, was related to the investigation.

The investigation also caught a manager at a Hermes site in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, say drivers should ‘act stupid’ when dealing with complaints from customers. 

Following this, the company said it had launched an investigation in the claims. 

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