Homeless Man With Terminal Cancer Used The Little Money He Had Left To Buy Toys For Holiday Toy Drive

Glen McCarthy is homeless and facing terminal cancer, but still managed to pull together what little money he had to make Christmas a little more special for some underprivileged kids.

The Colorado man was going to a local Walmart this week to get a cup of coffee when he saw that they were holding a toy drive. The man pulled into his pocket change to buy a Barbie and a Hot Wheels set, but had his eyes on something bigger. As The Denver Channel reported, McCarthy spotted a bike that appeared to be mismarked. There was a tag on the bike that said $59, but another tag underneath that said it was $44.

As the report noted, that was nearly all the spare money McCarthy had on him. He went back to the hotel where he was staying and thought about it. Then he went back the next day. And even though he uses a cane and has a hard time getting around, McCarthy walked back from his hotel room to Walmart so he could buy the bike.

McCarthy said he asked an employee if that was the correct price. They checked and decided it was actually $44, so McCarthy had enough to buy it.

“I got to thinking, this is probably going to be my last Christmas. I’m no one, make some little kid happy,” McCarthy told the news outlet.

The story of McCarthy’s generous purchase has received some national attention, with news outlets across the country picking up on it. Many praised the homeless man for thinking of others even when his own situation is so dire, though employees at Senior Support Services in Denver were not surprised at all. McCarthy is a regular volunteer at the organization, and has gained a reputation for his selfless nature.

“Totally sounded like Glen, yeah totally. So it’s just amazing, he just has a real caring heart and willing to help people,” Julie Romero, Day Center Manager at Senior Support Services, told The Denver Channel.

McCarthy explained that he had lost everything in his own life, but finds that he his happier now that he can use his time and the little money he has to help others.

“Money buys you a lot of things in this life, but money can’t buy you happiness,” he said.

Though his time may be limited, Glen McCarthy said he was happy to know that he helped make some child’s Christmas a little more magical.

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