I bought a purebred '£1.7k' goldendoodle puppy – I was baffled when it grew up to be something totally different | The Sun

A WOMAN who bought a purebred £1.7k goldendoodle puppy was baffled when it grew to be something totally different.

In a TikTok video the dog owner shared pictures of her adorable brown furred pooch.

As the clip plays out, the fluffy dog gradually gets lighter and lighter in colour.

The dog, named Porter, then starts to get patches of white fur as clumps of dark fall away.

Porter eventually turns completely white.

The owner shared the video after claiming she was scammed by the breeder who had actually dyed the dog's fur.


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She captioned it: "When you get scammed by the breeder and find our your dog was dyed."

Going viral, it received 3.6million likes and over 200,000 comments.

However, many users said the change of fur was normal in this breed of dog.

One person said: "Lol I don't think he was really dyed. My little guy was born black and is now a really light almost white tan colour now."

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Another added: "This isn't a dyed puppy it's just growing out it's puppy fur and it is normal for the coat to become a lot lighter."

A third commented: "He wasn't dyed he just grew out of his puppy fur.

"Happens to a lot of dogs."

The average cost of a purebred goldendoodle puppy is around £1,700.

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