I pay for my divorce with my £17k-a-WEEK side hustle… and have a string of lovers | The Sun

A MODEL mum is getting the ultimate revenge on her ex-husband by paying for her pricy divorce with her OnlyFans account – and making six figures a year.

US model and mum Audrey Hollander, 43, of Northern California, is enjoying a ludicrous amount of cash from her account and is ''happier than ever'' after breaking up with her husband.

Audrey's divorce in July 2019 was rocky and left her with a hefty legal bill due to a long custody battle

The model split from her husband in July 2019 after 11 years of marriage.

Not only did the divorce leave her with debilitating legal fees due to a long drawn-out custody battle, but it also left her feeling devalued.

“I was in a sexless marriage. I didn’t feel wanted or valued. I felt like a trophy wife, no different to one of his cars or motorbikes," Audrey, who has 10,000 Instagram followers, told NudePR.com.

She makes £17,000 a week through the raunchy website – more than enough to cover her divorce legal fees and support her child.

Now Audrey is having sex with men and women every day of the week, and she feels completely liberated.


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She initially moved in with a friend and began work as a magician's assistant after the messy divorce.

Audrey said she began using OnlyFans back in 2016 by chance after hearing about it through a male friend.

The website became overwhelming in addition to her job as a full-time worker and single mum, and she stopped posting on the site for a while.

"But after the legal bill from my divorce came through, I knew I had to try it again,'' Audrey said.

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"I feel like I'm a great role model and now I'm financially secure, and so are they,'' she said.

Audrey says her family is incredibly supportive and is pleased as long as she's happy and secure.

She also said there's an unexpected bonus from having a career based out of the bedroom: up to 25 orgasms per week.

“Orgasms invigorate me. I reckon every woman should have orgasms at least once a day and if possible, many more times than that,'' Hollander said.

Sex and masturbation help her cope with everything the world throws her way, including her divorce.

Reflecting back on her breakup with her former husband of 11 years, she says it was the best thing to ever happen to her.

"I have found myself and am doing something I love."

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