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A GYM goer has shared the awkward moment a woman squatted directly on his face – not realising he was behind her.

Samuel Stratis, who lives in Australia, had set up his phone to record his dumbbell workout when the embarrassing incident took place.

Sharing the video on TikTok, he said: “I was just trying to film my set in a new gym, and then this happened."

In the clip the man leans backwards on a bench, while a woman in grey shorts – facing the other way – grabs another dumbbell.

Watching herself in the mirror from the opposite side of the room, she preps herself to perform a set of squats.

But after taking a few steps back while Samuel continues exercising behind her, she proceeds to accidently squat on his face.

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After realising the embarrassing mistake, the gym goer scarpers as Samuel drops his dumbbell in shock.

“She was off in a hurry,” he quipped in the video’s caption.

The clip soon raked in a whopping 12 million views in less than 48 hours as viewers were left in stitches by the gym gaff.

"That's another way to be vabbing in the gym,” one wrote, as a second quipped: “Bro was traumatised."

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While a third asked: "Why wouldn't you take a glance behind you at the bench to make sure there's no one on it before you squat though?"

Surprisingly Samuel also came in for stick, as gym enthusiasts made fun of his choice of footwear.

"Is anybody going to comment about him wearing UGGs?" one said, as a second joked that the pair of boots gave him "extra warmth.”

Footwear company UGG later commented: "Well that's a first for us."

The gaff comes after a gym goer shared a hilarious recent experience she had while working out in public.

The poster detailed how she saw a woman at her gym do an exercise called a bicycle crunch.

"That’s one of the exercises I need to do for my specific area I want to tone," she explained.

The Reddit user then hilariously described how she realised she was unable to perform the exercise.

"Why couldn’t I actually do the crunch part because of my boobs," she wrote.

"They literally prevented me from doing it even halfway."

To make matters worse, she then wrote about how there was an older man staring at her as she struggled to do the crunch.

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"I just laid down and laughed," she wrote.

"I think I legitimately forgot I had big boobs for a second and said imma do what that girl did and imma nail it ."

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