I’m a body language expert and Rishi Sunak revealed his competitive side when Tory MPs gave him hero’s welcome | The Sun

RISHI Sunak's "more competitive" side was on show as he greeted supporters after winning the Tory leadership race, a body language expert has revealed.

Body language guru Judi James said that the new PM was "sending out some very important non-verbal messages of intent".

Judi told The Sun Online: "Rishi’s body language rituals as he arrived at his party’s HQ looked designed to create a more potent signal of born-again-unity than his words ever could.

"As he leapt out from the car a cheer went up and although responses were divided between cheering and clapping and just grim-faced applause, the new PM ascended the packed staircase sending out some very important non-verbal messages of intent."

The UK's first British-Asian leader apparently made sure to add a personal touch each time he greeted an MP.

"Rishi greeted each person using a different greeting ritual. This was no casual pressing of the flesh, Rishi was very specific in giving the impression that he was communicating with each person in a very personal and different way.


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"He hugged some, patted some, kissed some on the cheek and hug-patted others. The impression was that he was communicating with each one individually and that he was approved of by each one individually."

Once he got to the front of party HQ, the victorious PM took a moment to enjoy and celebrate his overwhelming win.

Judi said: "His gesture to a wider audience at the top of the steps was one of tempered victory. Rishi used a new smile that seemed to suppress a whoop of pleasure and provide something a little more complex and mature instead.

"He pushed out his lower lip and clamped down with his upper lip, pulling the corners of his mouth down at the same time. It seemed to suggest victory tinged with realistic acceptance of how that victory had occurred.

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"There was a modest wave but then the air-punching, more competitive version of Rishi leaked out as he did a double thumbs up and swung his hand through the air before adding one last thumbs up before disappearing inside the building."

Mr Sunak has every reason to punch the air after he beat off challenges from Penny Mordaunt and former PM Boris Johnson.

Backed publicly by around two thirds of his MPs, it was a commanding win for the former Chancellor, leaving him in strong position to unite his party.

The race was tightening between him and Mr Johnson, before the latter unexpectedly dropped out and urged his backers to support his former rival.

In his first statement as PM, Mr Sunak said he was "honoured and humbled" to be elected and promised to "serve the British public with integrity and humility."

He also paid tribute to his predecessor, Liz Truss, whose shock resignation after just 45 days in office brought about the leadership race.

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He said: "I would like to pay tribute to Liz Truss for her dedicated public service to the country.

"She has led with dignity and grace through a time of great change and under exceptionally difficult circumstances both at home and a abroad."

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