Jeff Bezos' ex-wife MacKenzie cashes in $370M of her Amazon stock

Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife MacKenzie cashes in $370million of the $35billion she received in Amazon stock as part of her divorce settlement

  • Filing on Friday reveals that MacKenzie Bezos sold 202,000 shares in 2019
  • The Amazon shares are worth about $370 million at current prices
  • She still owns about $35.8 billion in Amazon shares from divorce settlement

Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos has sold $370 million worth of the Amazon stock she received in her divorce settlement.

A year-end Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Friday revealed that MacKenzie sold 202,000 shares of Amazon stock at some point during 2019, worth more than $370 million at current prices.

MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos announced their separation in January of 2019, shortly before the National Enquirer exposed his love affair with Lauren Sanchez.

Their divorce was finalized in April 2019, with Jeff keeping 75 percent of the couple’s stock, and MacKenzie receiving shares worth roughly $35 billion at the time.

MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos are seen together in 2017. After their divorce, MacKenzie sold Amazon shares worth $370 million at some point in 2019

After liquidating some of the stock last year, she still owned 19.49 million shares as of December 31, the filing shows.

Amazon’s share price at the opening bell on Tuesday was $1839.79, at which price MacKenzie’s remaining shares are worth about $35.8 billion.

The shares Jeff Bezos owns are worth about $105 billion. 

In May, MacKenzie signed the Giving Pledge, an initiative created by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates in 2010 to encourage billionaires to donate at least half of their wealth to charitable causes, either during their lifetimes or in their wills. 

Jeff Bezos has so far not signed the pledge, though he does routinely donate some of his wealth to charitable causes. 

In May, MacKenzie signed the Giving Pledge, promising to donate at least half of her wealth to charity during her lifetime or in her will. Jeff Bezos has not yet signed the pledge

Jeff Bezos and new girlfriend Lauren Sanchez share a lunch date in New York on Monday

Last week, it emerged that federal prosecutors have evidence that Lauren Sanchez sent her brother copies of her dirty text messages with Jeff Bezos, which were later published in the National Enquirer exposing the affair.

Prosecutors obtained documents including a May 10, 2018 text message sent from the phone of Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez to her brother Michael Sanchez, containing her intimates texts with Bezos, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Journal said it had reviewed the text messages as well as a $200,000 payment Michael Sanchez received from the Enquirer under an October 2018 contract. 

Prosecutors obtained the documents in an ongoing investigation into Bezos’ allegation that the Enquirer tried to extort him by threatening to publish his nude pictures, as well as whether his phone was hacked. 

Bezos himself has long pushed the suggestion that Saudi Arabia was involved as the Enquirer’s source. 

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