Joe Biden quoted N-word 13 TIMES during 1985 hearings, Senate transcripts show

JOE Biden quoted the N-word 13 times during hearings in 1985, according to Senate transcripts.

The racial slur was used as the presumptive Democratic nominee was quoting someone during congressional hearings.

And his usage of the controversial word has been condemned by activists who don't believe the word should ever be used in any context.

During the hearings, Biden was questioning William Reynolds, then-President Ronald Reagan’s assistant attorney general for civil rights.

Reynolds was the nominee to be associate attorney general at the time, when Biden was a Senator of Delaware.

According to Breitbart, Biden first used the N-word – twice – on the morning of June 4, 1985.

Later that day he used the derogatory term five more times, Senate transcripts reveal.

The following day, he used the derogatory term twice – which is seen the resurfaced video.

Approximately two weeks later, on June 18, 1985, Biden quoted the same document and repeated the N-word in a follow-up hearing.

In total, the transcripts reveal that Biden said the N-word four times on three different occasions.

Earlier this month, a resurfaced video from a 1985 congressional hearing circulated the internet.

The footage showed Biden quoting someone and saying the N-word twice – but a shortened clip with the context removed has been widely shared on social media.

In the video, Biden was reading a memo read by Reynold's staff – which said that white legislators allegedly used the N-word when creating a redistricting plan.

The plan did not allow for a majority-Black district to exist.

During the memo reading, Biden said: "Quote, 'We already have a n****r mayor and we don’t need any more n*****r bigshots.'"

Throughout the hearings, Biden was questioning William Reynolds, then-President Ronald Reagan’s assistant attorney general for civil rights.

The clip shared on social media has been trimmed to cut off Biden saying the word "quote" at the beginning, and removing all other context.

Biden's campaign has not yet responded to The Sun's request for comment.

And social media backlash continues to takeover the internet.

One social media user tweeted: "Two things we keep re-learning: 1. There is no n-word pass. (They are all imaginary); 2. Race is still the #1 source of American discomfort."

Another said: "Hi all you folks who say Trump is racist…take a look at your charming Joe Biden saying the "n" word 13 times during Senate hearings."

A full clip of Biden saying the N-word in 1985 was shared by C-Span and shows Biden's quote in context as he questions Reynolds.

Reynolds – the then-assistant attorney general for civil rights – was blocked from the nomination after the hearings.

The video resurfaced amid ongoing demonstrations following the death of George Floyd.

Protesters have shown support for the Black Lives Matter movement, as they call for an end to systemic racism.

In May, Biden made a controversial "you ain't black" blunder, which caused widespread outrage.

He later called the statement a "mistake."

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