Journalism professor banned from campus after ‘manifesto’

An Idaho college reportedly barred a tenured professor from campus following an angry manifesto and allegations of meth use.

Denise Bennett, who teaches journalism, sparred Wednesday with the University of Idaho in Moscow after she was placed on administrative leave, the school newspaper, The Argonaut, reported.

School officials issued a warning Wednesday to students urging them to call 911 if they saw the professor. The alert referenced Bennett’s “recent admittance to police of meth use and access to firearms.”

Bennett fired back at the school’s allegations against her, insisting they were “lies” and “defamation,” The Chronicle of Higher Education reported.

“I’ll be taking a blood test here soon,” Bennett said in response to the claims of drug abuse, adding: “I’m not a threat to campus.”

Before she was put on leave, Bennett sent out an email titled “A MANIFESTO FROM A PROFESSOR WHO IS BEYOND FURIOUS,” according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

She then posted a YouTube video claiming she sent the missive to “every administrator I could think of” and raised concerns about the college’s issues tracking grant money.

“I am so frustrated and fed up with all the powers that be here,” Bennett allegedly wrote in the email.

The university suspended Bennett on Jan. 24 — two days after she sent the “manifesto” to colleagues.

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