Kerry Katona’s ex George Kay's drug use got ‘significantly worse' after split and separation from family, inquest told

KERRY Katona's troubled ex George Kay's drug use got "significantly worse" after they split up, an inquest heard.

The 39-year-old, who was married to the reality TV star for three years, collapsed and died after a seizure at a hotel in Sutton Weaver, Cheshire, in 2019.

Rugby league star George took so much cocaine he wandered hotel corridors hallucinating.

Police were called but let him stay in his room — where he collapsed with a fatal seizure.

George's brother Ashley told Warrington coroner's court he believed his drug use became worse after he married former Atomic Kitten star Kerry, 40, in 2014.

He said: "The drug-taking increased during his time with his wife.


“And it got significantly worse when they were separated due to the fact he was stopped from seeing his child.”

Hours before George's death, police were called to the Holiday Inn when he was seen behaving erratically in the corridors.

Officers said he was hallucinating while under the effects of drugs but let him stay in his room despite noticing traces of cocaine by his bathroom sink.

George complained of seeing “shadows and wasps” before eating a ball of cocaine in front of staff at a Holiday Inn, the inquest heard.

Staff earlier found him crushing a ball of white powder inside a sock. They said he then ate the contents.

George, who was married to Kerry between 2014 and 2017, was rushed to hospital on July 6, 2019, but was pronounced dead a short time later.

[The drug-taking]got significantly worse when they were separated due to the fact he was stopped from seeing his child

Giving evidence, hotel worker Caroline Garcia said: "At around 7pm, a colleague rang me to say there was a guest in the corridor making noise.

"I thought he was drunk or high. He was not making any sense and said he was looking for someone to be his friend."

Ms Garcia eventually managed to get George into his room with the help of other staff.

Hotel supervisor Luke Smith said: "He pulled out a sock with a large ball and was sitting in a chair. He caused the ball to crumble by crushing it and I believed it was drugs.

"He became very unwell so we put him in the recovery position and called an ambulance."

Manager Craig Ponsford said he asked the police how they could remove him from the hotel as they were concerned about his mental health.

But he claimed officers told him there were no grounds.

Cheshire Police said cocaine worth £100 and with a high purity was found in the room.

Coroner Peter Sigee recorded a verdict of drug-related death.

George met Kerry when they were at school together but started dating in 2012 after bumping into each other in Warrington.

They married in September 2014, five months after she had their daughter Dylan-Jorge, now seven, but split in 2015 and divorced two years later.

Earlier this year Kerry told of her 'anger' over George's 'selfish' addiction that has left Dylan-Jorge without a father.


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