Larry the Cat successfully takes on FOX outside No 10 Downing Street

Larry the Cat lands a promotion! Downing Street’s Chief Mouser takes on a FOX outside Prime Minister’s home – and the feisty 15-year-old tabby successfully chases away the intruder

  • Downing Street cat successfully defended its territory after intimidating a fox
  • The two hostile animals came to blows outside No 10 Downing Street last night
  • Larry was able to force his rival to retreat into the bushes before chasing it away
  • Cat joked on its parody account, ‘Someone at this address is up to the job…’

This is the moment Larry the Cat came to blows in a fierce scrap with a fox on Downing Street before intimidating it into vanishing into the distance.

The tense encounter between the Downing Street Chief Mouser and the urban fox saw the two hostile animals clash as they fought for territory outside the Prime Minister’s house.

Despite being around half the size of the fox, the 15-year-old tabby was able to force his counterpart into retreating into nearby bushes.

But things didn’t stop there. The famous cat makes it clear that the fox is not welcome on Downing Street as it darts towards its rival who does well to dodge out the way.

The persistent cat once again has another bite of the cherry, spinning around and this time chasing the fox back out the bushes along the iconic London road.

A tense encounter between the Downing Street Chief Mouser and an urban fox saw the two hostile animals clash

Larry the Cat intimidated the scared fox into retreating from the Downing Street road into the bushes 

Larry can then be seen seen attempting to grab the fox as his enemy runs off into the distance.

But the fox is equally as persistent and re-emerges, this time hiding behind a lamppost as Larry stares it down. 

Responding to the video, Larry the Cat, who has a parody Twitter account, made a slight dig at the current Tory Government for their rocky start

The fox’s glowing eyes can be seen staring back at Larry as he wanders over nonchalantly with his tail high in the air.

The video ends with the defeated fox trotting away as Larry sits down casually and enjoys a well-earned victory in a display of domination.

The cat, who has its own parody Twitter account which has amassed more than 690,000 followers, took a swipe at the controversial start to the new Prime Minister’s reign.

Larry the Cat had a front-row seat when former US president Donald Trump visited in 2019

Fun and games with former Prime Minister Boris Johnson who taught Larry how to flip-flop and soft pedal

The cat en route from Battersea Cats’ Home to his new home in Downing Street in 2011

It said: ‘Someone at this address is up to the job…’. 

It also shared the video of its victory, simply saying ‘Fox off’. 

Larry the Cat joined his new Downing Street home in 2011 after being rescued from Battersea Cats’ Home. 

He has been the companion to many Prime Minister’s over the years including David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and now Liz Truss.

The cat has been known to have tussles with other animals including his archenemy Palmerston, the mouser from the Foreign Office as well as in 2012 with Freya the cat who belonged to former Chancellor George Osborne. 

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