Letters to the editor — Jan. 4, 2021

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The Issue: A group of teens on bikes who attacked a man and his mother in their car in Manhattan.

I was viscerally disgusted to see the vicious assault upon a motorist’s vehicle carried out by a herd of feral punks — or shall we say “misguided youths” (“Psycho Cyclers,” Dec. 31)?

It is even more shocking and disturbing that this affront to civilization took place in broad daylight.

To what shall we attribute this “entitlement” to engage in criminal behavior? Perhaps we should thank bail reform, a dysfunctional court system and/or those politicians who have forsaken public safety in order to embrace a more “woke” social agenda.

Perhaps if each one of these street punks were provided with their own social worker and a glass of warm milk, they would transform themselves into model citizens.

Jerry Longarzo


It’s amazing how quickly as a society we turn into “Lord of the Flies” with zero leadership from Mayor de Blasio.

The fact that these kids feel that they can do something like this should scare the crap out of everyone. They don’t care about anyone else’s property or safety.

In broad daylight, there is no help coming. When — and if — they get caught, they’ll be out by the end of the day. Adiós, New York City.

Leo Kibler

The Bronx

To Max Torgovnick: The answer to your question “What is happening to the city that I love?” is de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo. They’re what happened.

These two inept, poor excuses for leaders have been asleep at the wheel while pandering to every far-left ideology.

They have turned this great city and state into a lawless cesspool. Criminals are running rampant with no consequences for their actions. I hope this answers your question.

The sad part is it will continually get worse if these types of politicians keep getting elected.

Michael Murphy


When will our politicians in New York state and city finally realize that law and order no longer exists — let alone protects the citizens who live and work in this city?

Yet we pay their ludicrous salaries and pension benefits to keep us safe.

Let’s start by defunding those salaries, support our men and women in blue and fix the bail system before the likes of Bernie Goetz start taking matters into their own hands. Kerry Smith

St. James

It is disturbing the 15-year-old involved in these attacks was charged with criminal mischief as a minor.

The videos clearly show these teens were committing premeditated, terroristic behavior intending to do bodily harm. The teen who was charged — and any others in this gang — should be charged as adults with attempted murder.

Sandi DiMola


Punks threw bikes at a BMW and a cab, and nothing will be done to them.

They are classified as juveniles, so they will get a slap on the wrist and will be released into their parents’ custody — the same parents who have been incapable of raising them, or even care.

And what is the mayor doing? Nothing. And the City Council speaker? Nothing as well.

So what is the difference between these punks and the elected officials who allow them to terrorize honest New Yorkers? Nothing. Get them out of office.

I hope the rank and file of our municipal unions are smarter at the polls in the next mayoral election. Beg Rudy Giuliani to run for mayor again. I’m from Brooklyn, and I’m pissed off.

Elio Valenti


Thank God that Torgovnick and his mom are OK after being terrorized by a gang of sick individuals. This brutal attack had to be a horrific sight for a mom and her son to endure.

How ironic that this happened in broad daylight — and may I add, there was not a patrolman in sight. Is this what we are to expect in what was a peaceful environment just a few years ago?

If your life is in jeopardy, your defense against these thugs is your vehicle.

Ron Zajicek


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