'Lucky' Andrew & 'happy' Kate — will one have a better one in ’21?

THE year ahead looks to be a royal pain for our monarch’s family.

Royal astrologer Debbie Frank, who predicted Megxit and is author of Written In The Stars, said: “There will be plenty more challenges. I would call 2021 another crunch year in terms of crisis management.”

Here are her predictions for what could be another annus horribilis.

THE QUEEN: She is having to adapt to change, make wise decisions and tie up many loose ends that have unravelled during 2020.

She will try to settle disputes, pour oil on troubled waters and secure the foundations of the monarchy for future generations.

Prompted by a surprising turn of events, she is ready to redefine how she works and apply “the rules” to younger royals.

She will be instrumental in re-drawing lines around all major royal positions.

Her Majesty will re­arrange the pecking order of who’s in and who’s out.

Expect a slimmed-down version of The Firm’s top brass.

This year also marks the 100th birthday of her husband Prince Philip on June 10.

CHARLES: Both Charles and Camilla face a temporarily grim time early in the year due to Saturn’s passage on their partnership point.

This repeats from 1991, when it culminated with the Queen’s “annus horribilis” in 1992.

Coupled with this, Neptune continues to blind-side Charles, most specifically around mis­understandings with his sons and having to deal with circumstances beyond his control.

An important full moon on April 27, shortly after the Queen’s 95th birthday, is a landmark time for both of them.

It signifies a defining moment, the end of an era and start of a new one.

CAMILLA: As she reaches the early part of 2021, the accent shifts to her royal partnership and all it entails versus her own penchant for privacy and personal sovereignty.

Her place on the royal platform is shifting towards greater visibility and she finds herself having to step forward into the public eye and the limelight, revealing more of herself and carving out her own niche.

Her chart shows she much prefers a life behind the scenes, yet she finds herself increasingly thrust forward, facing her fear of public scrutiny and carrying a bigger load of responsibility.

KATE: Last year she became the Queen of Zoom.

We will continue to see this new side of Kate as she surprises us with her new pop-up accessibility.

However, the first three months of the year bring serious Saturn across her Mercury and Venus, landing more responsibilities on her shoulders.

Water-tight boundaries are required around her role, both current and as future Queen.

This could mark a further cut-off point with Meghan and Harry.

Expansive Jupiter enhances her public popularity and highlights her “royal couple as a team” theme with William in spring and autumn, increasing her happiness.

WILLIAM: William will set up more initiatives around children and young people as both Saturn and Jupiter see him putting ideas into action here and abroad.

Pluto’s empowering alignment with his Venus all year creates a strong appreciation for everyone and everything he loves.

And at the partial lunar eclipse in mid-November there may be a favourable thaw in his relationship with Harry.

He will step into a more mature role.

He cares deeply for underprivileged people and will set up initiatives that mark him out as the caring king he’ll be one day.

HARRY: He looks lost as nebulous Neptune blurs his sense of direction and of who he is.

Harry will become prone to spells of disappointment, nostalgia and longing, especially from mid-April.

The initially empowering thrill of carving out his new life last year gives way to doubts about whether he has done the right thing.

The reality of his new place in the Royal Family sinks in.

Harry will do a lot of soul searching.

His affinity with the area of mental health will draw him towards areas where he can empathise and show compassion.

MEGHAN: Meghan’s chart is being whipped up by the activist outlier planet Uranus while Saturn spells separation from ties that bind.

I don’t see her wanting to rejoin the royal ranks.

Her year looks tumultuous and defining.

Meghan’s chart is connected to the Queen’s as her Sun in Leo is close to the Queen’s Moon — therefore this year’s celestial storm will impact on both of them but in different ways.

Meghan will be taking on stand-out projects that make us gasp with their daring.

Yet the more Meghan does this, the more she will be cast into the shadow of the other royals.

ANDREW: He treads a fine line negotiating how to deal with his association with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and to secure himself a role within the family.

His guardian angel is Sarah Ferguson and there is even a possibility of a re- marriage to each other, an anchor amid this turbulent time.

He is looking for the commitment and stability of a permanent relationship.

His relationship with his siblings looks fractured, confused and disappointing for him.

Despite being the Queen’s favourite son, the more he tries to magic up a royal role, the more it slips from his grasp.

Yet he can thank his lucky stars as Jupiter, the great benefactor, arrives on to his Sun for the first time in 11 years between May and late July.

Jupiter can produce a great stroke of luck but also encourage overconfidence and risk taking.

It is next year, 2022, that he experiences the ruthless axe of Pluto on his Mars and Venus, which will undoubtedly intervene to produce the twist in his own storyline.

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