Major update after students Karen Ferrell & Mared Malarik found DECAPITATED with cops still searching for victims' heads | The Sun

IT'S been more than 52 years since Karen Ferrell and Mared Malarik were found decapitated.

But now, as cops still search for the victims' heads, they're hopeful that new technology will aid in the investigation.

The decomposing bodies of Ferrell and Malarik were discovered in 1970.

Four months earlier, the two West Virginia University freshmen disappeared after getting into a sedan en route back to their dorms after seeing a movie.

Their heads still have not been recovered.

In May of this year, West Virginia State Police forensic investigators went back to the site where the bodies were discovered.


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Most of the digging has to be done by hand.

That's because investigators don't want to run the risk of disturbing any possible evidence that may still be somewhere in the soil.

Cadaver dogs have also been onsite trying to sniff out any remains that may be lingering – and keep lingering around the specific area where the bodies were recovered.

Rod Everly was in the National Guard the night the bodies were found.

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He has been working with West Virginia State Police to sift through soil near where the bodies were found after coming across literature that sparked his interest in the case again.

"That's what's keeping me going," he said.

"The dogs are all hitting the same scent at the same two places."

But now, new technology could help solve the case for good.

Michael Kief, with the West Virginia State Police, spoke to CBS about a purchase the department made that could aid in the investigation.

The police department has purchased a radar unit that can penetrate the ground – specifically to help with cases like this.

"It's basically an X-Ray machine," Kief said.

Radio waves are used to pick up on abnormalities in the soil, including places where bones or bodies could be hiding.

"We can get a 3-D picture of an area," Kief said.

"We can grid everything out."

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Kief told CBS the purchase is in its final stages.

When the sale is complete, the new technology could be used to help solve the case of Ferrell and Malarik.

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