Maliyah Bass was murdered after 2-year-old was found dead floating in a Houston bayou, medical examiners say

THE death of two-year-old Maliyah Bass – whose body was found in Brays Bayou in Texas – has been ruled a homicide.

A medical examiner ruled the toddler's death a murder nearly three months after her remains were found in Houston, KTRK reported.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office is still reviewing evidence as the death ruling was revealed, KTRK reported.

Maliyah's mom, Sahara Ervin, and her boyfriend, Travion Thompson, 21 – may now face elevated charges amid the Texas coroner's ruling.

The duo were arrested in October and each charged with counts for evidence tampering of a corpse and injury to a child.

Maliyah first was reported missing on August 22 – and her body was found in the bayou just a day later.

Her family arrived at the scene as a body was found, and appeared distraught, according to news outlet footage and pictures.

Evira was seen on the ground wailing over the discovery of the body – but authorities now believe it may have been an act.

Thompson claimed that Ervin beat Maliyah with a hair brush when she would not stop crying and could not sleep, court records revealed, as reported by KTRK.

It's alleged that the toddler was then left naked in a broom closet.

The following morning, the couple allegedly woke to find the girl had died on August 21.

Ervin and Thompson allegedly revealed to authorities they disposed of the two-year-old's body in a storm drain the following day.

Autopsy records revealed the girl had a broken left arm and extensive superficial blunt force trauma.

Ervin is held in the Harris County jail on a bond of $175,000, jail records show.

Ervin's attorney, Angela Weltin, said in a statement to KTRK that the toddler's death "continues to be painfully heartbreaking.

"Given the level of violence and abuse in the household against Sahara and her daughter, it is not surprising that the medical examiner has ruled this a murder," Weltin said.

Ervin is set to appear in court next on December 16.

Thompson's attorney, Tyrone Moncriffe, told KTRK that his client is "still cloaked in the presumption of innocence because of our great constitution" and added they are "still investigating."

He's set to appear in court next on December 17.

Thompson also remains in custody, and had bond denied because he was on probation for a previous felony, according to KTRK.

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