Man poses for picture on the shallow grave he ‘buried his family’ in

The photo that will send shivers down your spine: Man begs for help to find his ‘missing’ mum and aunt – while sitting above the grave he allegedly ‘buried their mutilated bodies in’

  • Australian university professor Dr Lily Pereg was found murdered in Argentina
  • Dr Pereg, 53, was missing for two weeks before being found in a shallow grave
  • Nephew Gilard Pereg is charged with murdering her and his mum Pyrhia Sarusi 
  • Police found blood inside Mr Pereg’s home during a search on the weekend
  • A cut CCTV camera cable and dissected cats were also found in Mr Pereg’s home
  • He took a picture pleading for help to find them sitting on their shallow grave 

A man accused of murdering his mother and aunt in Argentina made a desperate plea for help to find them while sitting above the grave he allegedly buried them in.  

The horrifically mutilated bodies of Lily Pereg, 53, and her sister Pyrhia Sarusi, 63, were found in a shallow grave in the city of Mendoza on January 26.

Only two days prior to the grim discovery, Ms Sarusi’s son Gilard Pereg, 36, gave a press interview begging for their return in which he posed for a photo sitting next to a pile of rubble where the bodies were later found. 

The photo was circulated by local media as the family pleaded for information regarding the pair’s mysterious disappearance.    

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Gilard Pereg, 36, has been charged with murdering his mother and aunt. A chilling photo taken two days before their bodies were found shows him sitting above their shallow grave

The bodies of Australian university professor Lily Pereg (left) and her Israeli citizen sister Pyrhia Sarusi (right) were found in Argentina on Saturday, two weeks after they disappeared

Dr Pereg, a microbiology professor from Australia, was in the country with her sister visiting Ms Sarusi’s son when the pair disappeared.

Her partner John Finlay had spent two weeks scouring Argentina in the hope of finding the pair, only for the search to come to an abrupt end on Saturday.  

Mr Finlay said he spoke with Gilard while he was overseas, who assured him he had no idea what had happened to the two women.

Both Dr Pereg and Ms Sarusi’s bodies were found in the abandoned lot featured in the photograph, next door to Mr Pereg’s unit.

Police have since charged Mr Pereg with the murder of his mother and aunt, and allegedly found a bag covered in spots of blood during a search of his home. 

Ms Sarusi’s son Gilard Pereg (pictured being arrested) has been charged with murder, but has reportedly denied any involvement in their deaths – placing the blame on Bolivian gangs

Several registered guns, a cut security camera cable and dissected cats were also found inside the home, the ABC reports. 

Prosecutor Claudia Rios told local media there was allegedly security vision showing the two missing women entering the property with him. 

‘We don’t have vision of them leaving the property,’ Ms Rios said.  

  • Killings of Australian professor and her sister were…

    Nephew of Australian professor is arrested over the death of…

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Local media allege Pereg has denied having any involvement in the killings, placing the blame on criminal criminal gangs from Bolivia and Israel.  

Pereg, a former Israeli soldier, was allegedly drowning in debts owed to criminal organisations and told his mother he was bankrupt before she arrived in the country. 

Other reports claim he had a fascination with Nazi Germany and often introduced himself as Floda Reltih – which is Adolf Hitler spelled backwards. 

Dr Pereg’s partner John Finlay (pictured together) had spent two weeks scouring Argentina in the hope of finding the love of his life and her sister

Local authorities told media the killings were committed with ‘extreme cruelty’.

Sources close to the investigation say the bodies were mutilated beyond recognition and could only be identified by DNA.

One body had sustained three gunshot wounds, while the other had been dragged.

Both women allegedly had iron spikes ‘staked’ through them in various places. 

Friends say Dr Pereg ‘weirdly’ stopped replying to daily messages about two weeks before she was found dead.

The two sisters had been renting an apartment in Mendoza, Ms Sarusi’s daughter Vered said in a Facebook post.

Dr Pereg was brought up in Israel where she obtained her undergraduate degree, later moving to Australia in the mid 90s.

The bodies of Ms Pereg and Ms Sarusi were found on a lot next to the home of Mr Pereg near the city of Mendoza on Saturday (local time)

John Finlay (left), who spent two weeks searching for his partner Dr Pereg (right), said she had recently been promoted at work and had gone to the country to help her sister, who was also found dead

She completed a PhD in the Department of Agricultural Science at Sydney University and later moved to the University of New England where she was recently made a professor.

She also chaired the soil, microbiology and biodiversity subdivision of the European Geosciences Union.

Shocked friends and colleagues have taken to a Facebook page for Dr Pereg to pay tribute to their lost loved one.

‘She had been a wonderful presence and highly regarded in her field of research,’ one person said.

‘I am devastated like all of their family and friends. Nothing will bring them back now,’ another said. 

Lily Pereg (left) and Pyrhia Sarusi (right) had been renting an apartment in Mendoza, Ms Sarusi’s daughter Vered said in a Facebook post 

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