Man recalls horrifying moment he found Irish gang victim's dismembered body in bag

A DAD has revealed the gruesome moment he found a butchered teen's limbs in a bag after he was slaughtered by Irish gang members.

Keane Mulready-Woods, 17, was decapitated and his severed head discovered in a burning Volvo in Dublin on January 15.

Gang thugs had sliced off his limbs and dumped them in a sports bag two days earlier – with the teenager's mutilated torso still missing.

A dad-of-two has now revealed how he came across the dismembered limbs, with the feet still wearing flip flops, when he picked up the bag last month.

He told Sunday World: "I'm haunted by what I saw in that bag.

"I never ever thought I'd see anything like this in my own life – it shook me to the core.


"We opened it up — me and another person in the house — after we brought it out to the front room.

"She thought it was meat from an animal but when I looked at it closely I said: 'That's not meat … that's a human leg.' And then I saw the arms and a pair of flip flops.

"By then all the neighbours came out because we were screaming ‘there are body parts in the bag.’ And one of the neighbours rang the Gardai."

The man, who hasn't been named, came across the gym bag on January 13 when he was drawn outside his house by sirens.

At first he believed it was someone's old gym kit but still took it home where he made the grisly discovery.

He said he now suffers from nightmares and dreams he is trapped in the bag trying to get out.

Detectives believe Keane was tortured and murdered as part of a drugs war between crews based in Drogheda, a town north of Dublin.

No arrests have yet been made over the grisly murder but a suspect in the investigation is in custody over a separate offence.

A house in the Rathmullen Park estate has also been combed by cops and forensically examined.

Tensions are now continuing rise between the two feuding gangs locked in a bloody drugs war.

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