Neighbour rescues little boy from roof after he climbs out of window

Moment ‘hero’ neighbour dashes across street to catch little boy after spotting him climbing out of an upstairs window onto a bay roof

  • Landing Bojang saw the boy, who he believes to be three, climb out of window
  • He yelled to the boy and alerted his sister but decided he could get there faster 
  • Landing jumped out of his own window and over his garden gates to reach boy 

This is the moment a quick-thinking neighbour leaped into action to rescue a little boy who had clambered out of a first floor window and was perched precariously on a sloping roof.  

Landing Bojang, 30, saw the boy, believed to be around three, climb out a window onto the bay roof of a house across the road in south London.  

Landing, who was upstairs in his own home, said that he shouted at the little boy, who was only wearing a T-shirt, to go back inside but the child did not do so.

Fearing for the the child’s safety he asked his sister to go and alert the boy’s mother but, he said, ‘I thought by the time she would get to the door it would be too late.’ 

So instead Landing leaped from his own window onto a single-storey roof, jumped into his garden, scaled his garden fence and then dashed across the road to catch the boy.

Landing Bojang, 30, saw the boy, believed to be around three, climb out a window onto the roof of his house in south London

Video from his house, starts with the little boy lowering himself  feet-first out of the window.

Landing comes into view, scrambling down to the ground and pointing out the boy to his sister. The boy climbs out onto the roof and crouches there holding on to the window sill by one hand.

As Landing runs across the road a woman passerby spots what is going on and rings the doorbell to alert they boy’s mother. 

Meanwhile, Landing climbs up on a storage box to reach the child and carries him down to his mother.

He said: ‘When I got there he jumped into my hands and the mum came down. She was shocked, she said “I’m so sorry, thank you so much.” ‘ 

As Landing got to the house to help the boy, a passerby knocked on the front door. 

Landing reaches up to catch the boy as a passerby knocks on the front door of the house

When the mother came down Landing’s brother Sana said she was very shocked and thankful for what Landing has done

Landing’s brother Sana said: ‘Just posting this today to show my brother Landing who is always the hero in our house being the hero of our street. 

‘He saw a neighbour’s child dangling out of the window this afternoon and he did not hesitate to jump off our roof onto the garden and jumping the garden gates into busy traffic. 

‘He ran just in time to catch him.’ 

Sana added that the child is fine and the mother was very shocked and thankful for what Landing has done.  

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