Nigel Farage watches Donald Trump deliver State of the Union speech

‘Looks like we are still winning to me!’ Nigel Farage watches on in Washington as his ally Donald Trump delivers a State of the Union address and the Brexit Party leader claims the Democrats look ‘disconsolate’

  • Nigel Farage was in attendance at Donald Trump’s State of the Union address
  • Mr Farage watched on in Washington as US President delivered a divisive speech
  • Brexit Party leader said speech was ‘great’ and labelled Democrats ‘disconsolate’
  • He later criticised Nancy Pelosi after she ripped up a copy of Mr Trump’s speech

A bullish Nigel Farage proclaimed it ‘looks like we are still winning’ after he watched his friend and ally Donald Trump deliver a divisive State of the Union speech in Washington.

The Brexit Party leader was in attendance at the address to a joint session of the US Congress having celebrated the UK’s departure from the EU last Friday. 

Mr Farage is a leading supporter of Mr Trump and is expected to help the US President campaign in the coming months as he seeks re-election to the White House later this year. 

He tweeted following the address: ‘Great speech from POTUS, his party united and the Dems looking disconsolate. Looks like we are still winning to me.’ 

Nigel Farage watched on in the US Capitol building in Washington as Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union speech

Mr Farage tweeted afterwards that it was a ‘great speech’ by the US President as he said ‘looks like we are still winning to me’ 

Mr Trump’s address to the joint session of the US Congress was a divisive affair as he was booed by Democrats

Mr Trump’s remarks to Congress were partially overshadowed by a row with Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

Ms Pelosi has been one of the key figures driving impeachment proceedings against Mr Trump and he refused to shake hands with her – as is tradition – when he arrived last night to make his remarks to the nation. 

A furious Ms Pelosi responded by ripping up a copy of Mr Trump’s speech immediately after he finished talking with the TV footage immediately going viral online. 

Mr Farage savaged Ms Pelosi for her actions, tweeting: ‘She has demeaned her office.’ 

As well as taking up a seat at the State of the Union speech, Mr Farage was also reportedly the guest of honour at a plush event hosted by Mr Trump’s former strategy guru Steve Bannon. 

The so-called ‘Toast to Nigel Farage’ luncheon at the Washington residence of Mr Bannon was attended by numerous US senators and representatives, according to Politico. 

Mr Farage waved goodbye to the European Parliament last week after 21 years as an MEP. 

He then led celebrations in Westminster on January 31 as Britain split from Brussels at 11pm. 

The speech was also partuially overshadowed by a row between Mr Trump and Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Mr Trump refused to shake her hand and Ms Pelosi then ripped up a copy of his speech live on TV

Mr Farage has said he intends to mothball the Brexit Party so that it can be brought back if Boris Johnson fails to deliver an acceptable departure from the EU.  

Mr Trump’s State of the Union lasted one hour and 18 minutes and was viewed as a clear pitch for a second term in office with the next presidential election taking place in November this year.

The annual showpiece has traditionally been seen as a moment for political truce but this edition continued the political war which has been raging in the US ever since Mr Trump was elected in 2016. 

Mr Trump used the speech to proclaim a ‘great American comeback’ but he was booed and several Democrats walked out.    

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